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Are you satisfied with your waxing service?

Everyone starts at some location to learn the basics of waxing hair off the skin. It does take trial and error to develop natural skills for a satisfactory service and outcome. After many years, of waxing, I became skilled and experienced. I am an expert waxing specialist. I've been waxing since 2006. I started my own business in 2010. I love what I do... silly but removing hair off the skin is like pruning in the garden for me. I am detail-oriented and my goal is to leave my clients as hair-free as possible. Brazilian waxing is my specialty. I have a large male clientele base. If you are not satisfied with your current waxing service or esthetician, please contact me and schedule an appointment. You will then experience a different style of waxing that you have never had before. I have developed a unique technique and many of my clients have been coming to me on maintenance for years. I have a lot of information, that I wrote myself on my website describing the questions and answers about male Brazilian waxing and all about waxing (the process) Please contact me to schedule your appointment today.


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