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Why do Men get Waxed?

Imagine being smooth and hair-free for longer and not getting the irritation, bumps, and razor burns from shaving or that nubby feeling when it grows back within a day or two.  When you shave or trim, you are blunt-cutting at the surface of your skin. This is the same as what happens to your facial hair.  Waxing any other area of your body results in hairs being pulled out by the root, 3 days of healing (minor healing) and it takes a couple of weeks before those hairs come to the surface. Then you repeat this process every 4 to 5 weeks. Hairs grow individually so It does take 4 or 5 consecutive waxing treatments to get more of the hairs out. Is the process painful? The first appointment is always the most intense because you have your anxieties coupled with the new pain sensation. I always recommend a pain reliever (Ibuprofen) Some feel it more than others because we all have our pain tolerance. You will be coached through the entire process. The pain is quick and the pain is temporary. Each time you have a waxing session your hair and skin get used to the procedure and there is less pain associated. Waxing is a commitment and soon, you will learn to relax and call it your hair-removing spa day. Take the time to view my actual website for Simply Mia’s and read my pages (I am the author) on Information About Waxing and also the Q & A for Male Brazilian Waxing. I look forward to hearing from you. Don’t watch YouTube videos on waxing. It’s not all done in those ways. 


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