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Should I get my back waxed?

Why some men prefer to get waxed.

Does the photo describe your hairy back? Do you become self conscious coming out of a body of water? Does having excessive back hair interfere with your social activities or even relationships? There is a solution… it’s called back waxing and many men get this done regularly.

It’s not as painful as you probably imagine. Regularly, men are getting this procedure done every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the growth of their hair. They experience smoother, hairless skin for longer. Hairs grow back slower, finer and softer. The trick is… once you start waxing, you will want to commit to getting it done regularly, otherwise your hairs grow back to full thickness and you will be back to square one. It’s a treatment and investment to your self grooming. Each time you get it done, your skin and the hairs become less resistive to waxing.

The first few times, you may experience redness, bumps and perhaps an outbreak of small pimples. The follicles on the back are very sensitive. This is why an experienced esthetician, who knows how to do it properly, will educate you and sell you the proper creams and solutions to reduce the side effects of your first time waxings. For those who have experienced back waxing once and dealt with a severe outbreak, please know that this reaction lessens each and every time. After the 3rd or 4th treatment, your back responds better to being waxed. Eventually outbreaks and bumps are greatly reduced. Not everyone has reactions to waxing and most reactions go away within 3 days. The reason there are reactions is because the sebaceous gland inside the follicle pore has a histamine reaction to having the hair follicle pulled rapidly by the root. Using a proper post waxing cream along with a serum can greatly reduce any reactions.

Another concern is the fear of it being a painful experience. Have you ever accidentally got tape attached to your hand or arm hairs? Notice upon removal that if pulled quickly, it was a momentary pain? The pain with waxing is quite similar. It is initial and goes away as soon as the hairs are pulled. it’s a quick sensation of discomfort that subsides significantly with repeated waxing treatments. The first waxing is always the most intense. First off, you have no idea what the procedure entails. Hopefully your esthetician prepares you properly by talking you through the process. The anticipation alone can cause anxieties. Once you have the procedure done, you will be pleasantly surprised at how less painful it was than you thought… and you’ll be aware of the process moving forward. It just becomes routine after that. The pros of waxing outweigh the cons.

Make your appointment today. You’ll be happy you did. Here at Simply Mia’s, you will be waxed by one of the best waxing experts in the Seattle area. Mia is a professional and licensed esthetician who specializes in waxing men. She will talk you through the entire process, and provide you with her post waxing instructions. She will encourage you to purchase her post waxing cream and serum to help heal and calm your skin post waxing.

Mia looks forward to hearing from you. You may contact her directly through her website at

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