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Simply Mia's Testimonials

Many of these testimonials were sent to me after I followed up
with them after their first waxing with me.  Some were
copied off reviews from Yelp or Google. Thank you to
all those who took the time to review my business. 

"Mia, thank you for creating manly-looking brows. You are an artist. I was hesitant about having anything done to my bushy brows and was scared they would look feminine-looking but you listened to me and did an amazing job and it wasn't even that painful.  I will continue to return every 4 weeks for clean-up waxing"  I like the cream you sold me to help heal the skin."  Dean from Puyallup


"Clean, thorough, professional, and comfortable, Mia's expertise and welcoming demeanor are outstanding. I'd recommend it to any of my friends 10 out of 10!"   Charlotte from West Seattle

"I was a first timer to this process and Mia had excellent bedside manner. Her presence is very comforting and she gives a lot of upfront instruction as to how the process works at the biological level, making sure the customer is well-informed and knows how to manage aftercare. Her space is very clean and soothing and her candor never feels condescending. She's clearly very knowledgeable about her work and is also quite fun to chat with. I would recommend Mia to anyone who might feel apprehensive about a first-time waxing."  J. Morgan


"I have been a regular with Ma for over 2 years now and the service she provides is by far the best I have ever experienced. She is very detailed, professional, and knowledgeable in the service she provides. If this is your first time receiving a waxing, she will make you feel at ease and explain the whole process. Highly recommended."  R from Seattle

"So glad I finally found an esthetician worth returning to after several false starts and lackluster experiences. I'd been used to rushed, hit-or-miss appointments where I'd often leave with some additional grooming "homework" of my own, depending on whom you get, which essentially defeated the purpose. Mia is thorough and patient and really cares about your satisfaction and earning repeat customers. The whole environment is relaxed and tailored to your comfort, much more so than a storefront or chain. I can't go back to those other places!"  Joe


"Thank you Mia for the best first experience with my Brazilian waxing. I felt so comfortable with you and you made me laugh and calmed my nerves. I will be back again and again. My wife really likes the Gentleman's Brazilian look from your menu. By the way, I love your home it is so you". Gene from Seattle


 "I have been getting men's Brazilian for nearly 4 years. First I started having my girlfriend do them. Then it became a chore. The last lady I chose retired. Then I found Mia and have been very pleased ever since. She does a very tough job. Helps me take care care of my skin afterward with products and other suggestions. Kind to me. Gets her job done and gets me outta there. Better than shaving. It is hard being a guy and finding the right person. She is the one for me."  William from Burien


"Thank you very much for a fantastic service"  Tammy from West Seattle


"Best Service I ever had and post-treatment instructions too.  No breakout or irritation.  Thanks so much."  Josh from Seattle


"Thanks Mia. By the way, that was the smoothest, least painful waxing I've ever had, excellent!"   Rich from Sacramento


"Hi Mia,  it was the easiest waxing I've ever had. Thank you so much."  Michelle from Snohomish


"Thank you for always making me feel comfortable.  You are work is always excellent"  John from Bellevue


"Mia makes one feel truly comfortable when navigating some rather sensitive spots. She explains what she is doing and is very thorough and professional. A+"  Bradley from NY


"Hi Mia,  I came in a few days ago for an eyebrow wax and you did an amazing job. I even received a compliment from my boss!"   Brittany from West Seattle.


"You were very understanding and didn't make me nervous.  I appreciate it a lot, and value it too.  Your work is outstanding, and your dedication is like no other."  Andrew D from  Vancouver, B.C.  

"Hey Mia! I just got home, and I just wanted to say thank you so, so, so much for your waxing services today!!! I truly appreciate it! :) Thank you for making me feel comfortable throughout the process and reducing my anxiety. Since it was my first time, I was unsure what to expect. But you made me feel at home from the time I stepped into your house, and I am extremely happy with the results already! You are an amazing person, Mia, and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to meet you today! You did an AWESOME job, and I can't thank you enough for your wonderful service! :) Thank you very much again, and I hope to come back to you again in the future! Have a great weekend!!!"  Patrick from Bellevue


"Thanks again for another great service today. As always you were amazing! I’m feeling great. Alex from Madison Park Thank u so much my eyebrows look awesome!" Christopher from Bellevue


"Hello, Mia. Thanks for your follow-up email and for your professionalism and excellent service. I had my modeling session at UW & I was very confident with my grooming, and everything went great. I look forward to seeing you again. Best Regard"  Jose from Seattle.


"Thanks Mia! That was by far the best waxing experience I had. Satbir from Burien


Thanks so much Mia. I am feeling fine and was able to purchase & apply the recommended oils. You did a great job, and I totally feel pampered. Unless I hear otherwise, I’ll contact you after my hairs are a quarter inch. Thanks and best regards" Dan from Seattle


"Dear Mia, thank you for your dedication and commitment towards removing hair for a Brazilian waxing, which is PERFECT! You made me feel comfortable (as I am shy), and moved your way around the whole area thoroughly. You did an outstanding job. Thank you. Went to another lady, was shy, and wasn’t experienced like you, which was disappointing"  Andrew from Vancouver


"Hi Mia and Happy Holidays, Thank you for providing such a great service. Your attention to detail enhances my life. I consider you a true friend as well."  Larry from Poulsbo


"I am new to Seattle and needed to deal with some back hair, etc. I saw the reviews for Mia and since she was close to where I am staying I thought I’d give her a try. It was an excellent choice! She is very professional, explains what she is doing and what I needed to do after the treatment to ensure no problems with bumps or skin drying out. She kept the conversation going taking my mind off of the process and made the time go by very quickly. I highly recommend Mia for any waxing needs one has. Her facility is in her home, which is very comfortable, and private. Not very hard to find. Try her, you will be very happy you did.”  Shawn from Seattle


“Mia Rocks! I am a mid-aged man who has been grooming myself via shaving for as long as I can remember. As a lot of men do but don’t talk about. In the past year or so I started contemplating getting a Male Brazilian waxing. Unfortunately, most places don’t cater to men, and the few I found that do just didn’t feel right when I called them. They said they would only do partial waxing. Meaning only the mound ( the main pubic area) and the back (the buttocks area). I personally was looking for a full waxing of every area that has hair. The main reason is that I am trying to move away from shaving. And from what I have heard of waxing it is a process. So I wanted all or nothing. And then by luck, I found Mia.  She is very professional and when I found her website, I saw that she offered full waxing for men. So I made the call. So happy did. When I talked to her on the phone I felt at ease. I made an appointment. And within two days I was in. The experience was so comfortable.  I think it is because Mia made me so at ease and welcome in her home that the waxing went so well. There was very little pain and you are very exposed. So you must be at peace with all that. I was, thanks to Mia’s help and guidance. She did not rush and was very professional, calming, and meticulous. The end result was amazing, worth the money and time. As I told Mia I am a lifelong convert but only if she is doing the waxing. Thank you, Mia.” Brad from Seattle


"Thanks Mia! This was one of the cleanest and gentle Brazilian waxing I’ve ever had…and I’ve had many! Your attention to detail and vast knowledge on all things skincare was refreshing and enlightening. Thank goodness I found you:) I will definitely be coming to see you for my next wax!" Kelila from Seattle


"Thanks for the follow up. My daughter’s brows look great – thank you" Cindy from West Seattle


"Hi Mia, Yes the weekend was entertaining and as always the job you did was great! I haven’t had any issues with the brazilian waxing and look forward to the next trip to Seattle" Taylor from Whidbey Island


"Mia. Thanks very much for your services, you were great! Everything is a A-Okay and I will be sure to refer you to all of my friends"  Lucinda from Seattle


"Mia… I think you are a great person as well as a fantastic waxer. I look forward to seeing you again and again!" Sandra from Bellevue


"Thank you Mia for doing such a great job maintaining my brows for the past few years. I appreciate your loyalty and your fantastic service"  Nikki from Seattle


"I was a little nervous when I went to see Mia for the first time...I didn't know what to expect since I had never been waxed before. That nervousness went away as soon as Mia welcomed me into her home. I had my legs waxed and the initial pain only lasted a second when the hairs were pulled. Mia talked to me the entire time and made me feel very comfortable during our session. It has been a week since I had my waxing and my legs are as smooth today as they were when she finished. Needless to say I will return to Mia for future leg waxes as well as other waxing needs. She really knows what she is doing and she enjoys it which makes me confident I'm getting the best service out there!" Michael from West Seattle


"I had an esthetician that was going to for several years for brow and brazilian waxing, and I was crushed when I discovered she was going stop practicing after the first of the year. I went through a few weeks of phone calls and research looking for a new esthetician when I came across "Simply Mia". After speaking with Mia on the phone, I set up an appointment the very next day. Her place was warm and inviting which brought me comfort and put me at ease. I explained to her what I wanted and the problem areas I was focusing on, she listened and gave me suggestions. I was so impressed with her knowledge and skill. There was little to no pain during the waxing process and I was completely impressed with her work. Not to mention her prices are very reasonable. I feel like I won the esthetician lottery finding Mia." Rhonda - West Seattle


"Things are looking very good this morning. I have shaved before but I am amazed at how much smoother everything is after waxing, and It's definitely a new experience/feeling having everything so smooth and hairless. I wanted to thank you so much for taking your time and being so patient with me, as it was my first time. I am already looking forward to the next treatment. Once again, thank you so much for your help...." Nick from AK


"Hi Mia, Just want to thank you for your outstanding professional service yesterday. Feels great this AM with no uncomfortable areas. Found the JoJoba oil right away at PCC on my way home. I'll definitely be making another appointment when needed." Larry from Suquamish


"Another amazing job as always! I can't say enough that your attention to all the little details really is amazing. I don't know how, but every visit seems to be better than the last :)"  Dan from Covington


"THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing me to come over and get it done by you. I just talked to my sister about you. I will also talk to my friends too. If I enjoyed as much as I did I bet they will too. Thank you so much again and will call you for my next appointment" Angela, Burien


"thanks for the follow-up, i am doing just fine. my first waxing wasn't as bad as i had anticipated. thanks for taking your time and your tedious attention to detail. when there is more hair to remove, i'll be back for round two." Steven from Belltown Seattle


"Hi Mia, I just wanted to say that you are awesome! You are professional, knowledgeable, and very thorough. Hands down, this was the first Brazilian wax I've had where I can say it was nearly painless! Thank you for a wonderful experience. I will be recommending my friends to you and I look forward to seeing you again. Sincerely," Tawn from Renton


"Hi Mia, I just wanted to convey to you how appreciative I am of your professionalism and nearly painless experience I had. I have been seeing the same Esthetician for about two years now and had just reserved myself to thinking that the pain, extra hair left behind and discomfort after the visit was just part of the experience... little did I know that doesn't have to be. You have definitely shown me that a waxing does not have to be a dreaded experience. Thank you again, I look forward to having you as my new Esthetician." Rich from Lake Stevens 


"Hi Mia, I just wanted to thank you for making a new experience that I was unsure of, a comfortable one. Should I decide to have this done again, I would like to schedule another with you and would also recommend you if I get the opportunity to do so. Thanks" Matthew from Bellevue


"To sum it all up, all I can say is WOW. This was absolutely the BEST waxing I've ever gotten! Period. Your extreme professionalism shined throughout. You made feel welcome and relaxed right from start; from your charming home entrance, to relaxing music, to the extremely comfortable table with nice pillows. You were extremely organized. I appreciate how you had dialogue through the whole process; explaining what you were doing, educating me not only on the waxing, but the medical side of hair and the care afterwards (which I'll be leaving to go get that Jojoba oil here in a little bit). This was the first time I had never used any desensitizing cream, or Advil before-hand, but honestly the pain was extremely minimal. Your pulling, stretching, pressure to the various areas was spot on and painless. I like too how you put pressure on the area after you pull the wax off, I think that really stops any pain that may occur. You are a fantastic esthetician. I'm definitely extremely satisfied with the experience, and without a doubt will be booking my future appointments with you. Regards, Dan" from Everett 


"Thanks Mia! This was one of the most clean and gentle waxes I've ever had...and I've had many! Your attention to detail and vast knowledge on all things skincare was refreshing and enlightening. Thanks goodness I found you:) I will definitely be coming to see you for my next wax!" Kelila from Kent 


"Thanks for the follow up. My daughter's brows look great - thank you" ...Cindy from West Seattle


"Thanks Mia Our trip was great and so was my lack of bikini hair, :)" ...Nancy from West Seattle "Hi Mia, Yes the weekend was entertaining and as always the job you did was great! I haven't had any issues with the brazilian and look forward to the next trip to Seattle" ...Taylor from Whidbey Island


"Mia. Thanks very much for your services, you were great! Everything is a A-Okay and I will be sure to refer you to all of my friends" ...Lucinda from Seattle


"Mia... I think you are a great person as well as a fantastic waxer. I look forward to seeing you again and again!" ...Sandra from Bellevue


"Thank you Mia for doing such a great job maintaining my brows for the past few years. I appreciate your loyalty and your fantastic service" ...Nicki from Seattle


"Thanks Mia for checking! All went well and I'll definitely be back." ...Manon from Seattle

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