Pricing for Services


Bikini: $55.00  (all hairs removed just outside your bikini area)  
Speedo: $55.00  (all hairs removed just outside your speedo area)  


Extended bikini: $75.00  (This covers all hairs within an inch of the labia or shaft & scrotum)  


Male Brazilian Waxing: $100.00  (Includes the frontal pubic area, shaft, scrotum, cleft & anal 1" out to inner thighs)  The frontal pubic area above the shaft can be customized either with strip/patch or just trimmed.

Maintenance: $90.00 (if within 7 weeks of same treatment)


Female Brazilian Waxing: $100.00 (includes the frontal pubic area, inner labia and 2" out to inner thighs, cleft & anal)  The frontal pubic area can be customized either with strip/patch or just trimmed.

Maintenance: $90.00  (If within 7 weeks of same treatment)


Only What's In Between: $35.00  (Everything inside the butt cheeks including anal area) Does not include buttocks


Buttocks & Hips: $60.00  (covers full gluteus maximus to sides of hips) 


Partial Buttocks: $35.00  (1/2 way out from the gluteal cleft - but not in between the cheeks)  


Ingrown Hairs:  See Ingrown Hair Treatment under Treatment & Facials below


Full Tummy: $50.00 (covers all hairs from upper groin to sides of hips)

Partial Tummy: $30.00 (covers smaller area from upper groin to belly button)


Full Back Waxing:  $105.00  (includes the lower back, sides of back, shoulders, cap sleeves and neckline)  

Maintenance:  $95.00 (if within 7 weeks of same treatment)


Lower back only:  $35.00  (Large area to hips)  

Lower back: $25.00  (small area above the crack)  


Shoulders: $55.00  (Covers hair on the shoulders, upper arm & lower neck)


Full Chest & Tummy Waxing:  $105.00 (Includes tummy to the groin, sides of the body, upper throat & front of shoulders) Maintenance:  $95.00 (if within 7 weeks of same treatment) 


Chest Waxing: $65.00  (Upper chest to the lower ribcage. Does not include belly)


Full Body Waxing:  $450.00  Includes: Full back, Chest, tummy, buttocks, brazilian, 1/2 legs and 1/2 arms. 


Decolette for ladies: $30.00  (Upper chest or in between the breasts)  


Areola/Nipple area: $20.00  


Underarms: $40.00  (Please wash your deodorant off prior to this treatment)


Full Arms: $60.00  (Includes hands)


1/2 or 3/4 Arms:  $45.00  (Does not include hands) 


Hands or Feet  $25.00  (Included in full legs or full arms)


Full Leg Waxing $95.00  (Starts 4" from groin & buttocks - includes feet & toes)

Maintenance: $85.00 (if within 7 weeks of same treatment)


Partial Thigh:  $55.00  (4" from the groin down upper thigh - (not included in a full leg waxing) 


Half Leg: $75.00  (starts 4" from groin to knees or knees down to feet)  


Brow Wax $30.00

Brow tweezing only $45.00


1/2 Face Waxing: $45.00  (Full upper face, partial forehead, surrounding eye areas & temples)


Lips: $25.00 

Lip tweezing only  $35.00 


Nose: $20.00  (inside nostrils and any hairs around the nose)

Nose tweezing only  $35.00  


Ear: $20.00

Ears tweezing Only $35.00


Full Jawline (Including chin)  $40.00


Just the chin: $20.00


Neck:  $30.00


Full Face: $75.00 (Brows, Forehead, Cheeks, Chin, Sideburns, Full Jawline & Neckline) Women Only


Men's Facial Grooming Package: $60.00  (Brows, Upper Cheeks, Sideburns, Ears & Nose)  A great package for detailing unwanted facial hairs on the face  (A great professional-looking clean up for any man)

Trimming in lieu of waxing available.  Pricing is 1/2 the cost of waxing area to cover time, materials and clean up.  Trimmer combs are between 1 & 4.


Shaving is a liability not covered at Simply Mia's.  Any massage is performed during facials only. 




Vegetable based dyes used


Brow Tinting  $30.00  

Lash Tinting  $40.00


Simply Mia's Mini Facial:  (approx. 30 min)  $60.00  Includes consultation, analysis, cleansing, exfoliation and finish products.  Leaves face clean, smooth, soft and refreshed.  Great facial before an event out (no extractions) Makeup goes on smoother.  


Simply Mia's Customized Facial (60+ min)  $105.00  Includes consultation, cleansing, analysis, exfoliation, extractions (as needed), facial & shoulder massage, appropriate mask, arm & hand massage and finish products. A great starter or maintenance facial that offers a great exfoliation, along with helping your skin achieve a softer, brighter and smoother appearance.   Maintenance if within 7 weeks $95.00

Simply Mia's Luxury Facial:  (90+ min)  $150.00   Seattle's Best Facial will include:  consultation, cleansing, analysis, exfoliation, extractions (as needed) appropriate mask, and finish products.  The highlight of this facial includes massage of shoulders, upper back, arm & hand massage.  This facial includes a scalp treatment with warm rosemary and peppermint oil massaged into your scalp. Your skin and your scalp will feel amazingly soft & smooth. This facial leaves you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and revitalized.  

Simply Mia's Extraction Facial  (90 min+)  $110.00  A very clinical facial designed to treat congestion or acne prone skin.  More emphasis on the treatment and less massage.  Includes:  consultation, cleansing, analysis, exfoliation, thorough extractions to address lesions, an appropriate mask is applied to calm the skin.  Oil free finishing products are applied at the end.   Great facial to learn about your skin, the environment, diet, products and daily skincare routine.  This is an excellent treatment for teenagers or adults with hormonal acne.


Add an enzyme or chemical peel to any facial for $50.00  (A peel helps to brighten the skin, lightening darkened skin spots, helping to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, helps kill bacteria and promote healing for acne prone skin.  Can help to smooth post acne scars.  Done regularly, a peel can help even out the skin tone.  Some peeling and redness is to be expected 3 to 4 days after the treatment.


Lira Clinical Luxury Hydration Facial (2 hour)  $130.00

The ultimate facial at Simply Mia's...  After a double cleansing and consultation, we'll proceed with a gentle exfoliation, followed by an effective fruit based or lactic clear peel to further exfoliate... leaving skin supple and soft.  Gentle extractions (if needed) then a 20 min facial, scalp, shoulder and upper back massage.  A hydrating mask is applied while you enjoy a shoulder, arm and hand massage. You'll be left for a bit to relax in silence while the mask penetrates and hydrates your skin. Finishing products will be applied to protect and moisturize your newly treated skin and you'll leave feelng refreshed, rejuvenated and hydrated.  


Simply Mia's Back or Chest Extraction & Exfoliation Treatment:  (90+ min)  $140.00  This customized treatment is excellent for those who have excessively dry skin, oily skin, congestion, acne-prone, blackheads and pimples. Involves, consultation, analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, emphasis on extractions, light massage and appropriate moisturizer.  Your back will feel smoother, cleaner and healthier.  Spot treatment with chemical peel add $40.00. Extraction treatment on the Buttocks only $80.00 or added to the Chest or Back treatment.


Simply Mia's Ingrown Hair Treatment:  (60 min)  $105.00  This is a clinical treatment done best between your brazilian waxing appointments.  Involves:  Cleansing, exfoliation of ingrown hair area only.  Extractions of ingrown hairs and appropriate healing mask and finish product on ingrown hair area only.  (Does not include massage)  In the event that your ingrown areas are inflamed with lesions, a salicylic acid peel may be required to kill bacteria and promote healing.  The added peel is $50.00


 Cash Preferred.  Credit cards accepted with a 3% processing fee.  No personal checks are accepted. 


24 Hour Cancellation Policy:  Your treatments hours and all preparation are reserved especially for you.  Mia values your business and asks that you respect her by showing up for your appointments on time.  Should you need to cancel or reschedule, PLEASE notify her, at the least, 24 hours in advance so Mia can fill that appointment time.  Occasionally Mia may follow up with you to see if you can adjust your scheduled appointment.


Refer a friend or family member to Simply Mia's and receive 25% off the most expensive service at your next treatment . This does not apply to maintenance pricing. 

** Prices may change.  Mia's prices are competitive for quality time, products used and attention to detail.