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Questions & Answers About Brazilian Waxing for Men

Specializing in Male Brazilian Waxing at Simply Mia's

What is a Male Brazilian waxing?


It's the removal of hair from the genitalia. Brazilian waxing also known as Brozilian or Manzilian for men has become much more popular.  Men are conquering their fears and giving it a try. If you are currently shaving and tired of rashes from shaving and uncomfortable stubby growth, then consider waxing. You'll then discover and enjoy the benefits of smooth and softer skin for weeks. 


What areas are waxed in this service?


A standard Brazilian waxing is the removal of hairs from the entire genitalia including the pelvic region above the shaft and between the hips, about 2" below the belly button. It also includes the "crack" inside the butt cheeks.  I offer two types of Brazilian wax options, to make it simple. They are the Bare It All Brazilian Waxing Treatment and the Gentleman's Brazilian Waxing Treatment. You can read about these options on my menu of services

Will Waxing Be Painful?


This truly depends on your individual pain tolerance. Any pain felt is temporary and some feel it more than others. It is a momentary pain when the hair is pulled but subsides right after. The pain is quick, temporary, and generally does not linger. Estheticians are not medical doctors so we cannot recommend taking anything but most people will take their favorite pain reliever (for example 4 Ibuprofen). Ibuprofen acts as both an anti-inflammatory and a pain reliever. It is advised not to take aspirin as it thins the blood. 



What should I do to prepare for my Brazilian?


It's important to be impeccably clean in your genitalia and rectal area, as bacteria can spread to open pores resulting in an infection. Please do not shower less than 3 hours before your service. Wax will not adhere to moist skin and just-showered skin holds moisture.  Please do not use any kind of talc or prescription ointment prior to your appointment. Please make sure your skin is dry. Do not use a body scrub or exfoliant (loofa or granular products) up to 4 days prior. Do not tan your skin 3 days before waxing. Do not apply any creams or lotions on the day of service.  Please read the sections called all about waxing (click here) CONTRAINDICATIONS on this website. Not everyone can be waxed if on certain medications, particularly strong blood thinners Never take aspirin on the day of waxing as it will then your blood. If you have eczema or psoriasis in your genitalia, you may want to consult your doctor to see if waxing is an option for you. Most of these autoimmune skin conditions do fine with waxing and I am experienced enough to avoid waxing over inflamed areas of the skin including any lesions, cuts, or bruises.  but it's always a good idea to be informed about waxing to avoid having a reaction or outbreak of any nature.



What can I expect with my first Brazilian waxing?


You can expect complete professionalism from start to finish. Gloves are worn throughout the whole process. All equipment and tools are cleaned and sanitized using both Barbicide and UV lighting for your protection and under WA State safety and sanitation guidelines.  I will talk you through the entire process and you will be provided with information for post-care.  You will be on the esthetic bed and given a towel to drape yourself until the procedure begins.  During the procedure, I will guide you into certain positions as it makes it easier to wax those areas.  It is important that you don't move during the waxing procedure.  This is to ensure that we remove the hairs by the root and any disturbance, such as movement, can break the hairs. The products I use to remove the hairs are made of premium, high-grade, quality resin wax. You will be advised to purchase the PFB Man Mask to be used for 3 days post-waxing to help reduce redness, and bumps and will help to, calm, soothe, heal, and hydrate the areas that have been waxed. 



How long should the hair be for waxing?


The wax cannot adhere to hairs less than 1/4″ in growth. 1/2″ growth or longer is ideal. The shortest hairs within a one-inch square area should be over 1/4" in length. Typically you will want to wax approximately 3.5 - 4 weeks after trimming or shaving.  Do not trim the length of your hair prior to your appointment, Mia will determine if she needs to trim prior to waxing.  Should you decide to continue waxing on maintenance then please do not trim or shave between appointments as this will interfere with the growth of the hairs and result in rough skin as the hairs surface. It defeats the point of waxing.



How soon will the hairs grow back and what about maintenance?


This all depends on your hair growth. If you typically grow hair back quickly on your legs or underarms, expect your Brazilians to be more frequent too. After your first waxing hairs will grow a bit faster than subsequent waxes because your hairs are growing individually and some hairs have not reached the surface the day of your waxing.  You will possibly notice re-growth in 10 to 14 days. By the 4th or 5th maintenance waxing (done approximately every 4 to 6 weeks) you will notice that your hairs are finer and less dense.  Some have reported that continued Brazilian waxing has decreased the amount and thickness of the hair in general.  Maintenance waxing is ideal as hairs will be pulled while they are still thin, shorter, and not at full thickness, therefore they will be less resistive and the overall procedure will be less painful. 



Why do men do Brazilians and for what reasons?


A Brazilian can be done for many reasons to reduce chaffing for sports such as cycling, swimming, running, dancing, performance arts, martial arts, art posing, etc. Other reasons can be personal and for pleasure. Removing hair from your genitalia increases the circulation of air which reduces sweating and odor. Whatever your reason the results of waxing will leave you feeling soft and smooth. 



What concerns should I have during my waxing?

Many things can cause concern, apprehension, and possible embarrassment during this service.  You will be exposing parts of your body that will be waxed during the entire procedure. It’s best to think of me as a medical professional (like seeing a doctor).  I am a licensed practitioner who specializes in removing hair using wax. Stretching, tugging, and pulling areas of your genitalia are necessary to ensure a safe and efficient process during the waxing procedure and manual removal of leftover resistive hair using tweezers. Occasionally, tumescence (arousal) may occur and subside. This is due to the warmth and application of the wax. I use a gauze pad to apply any oils. There is no need to be embarrassed as this is a natural involuntary occurrence.  We can discuss your concerns at intake, prior to your service. There is NO massage done at Simply Mia's ever.  



What is considered inappropriate?


Waxing is strictly a clinical procedure provided by a trained and experienced practitioner. Lewd or suggestive conversations, texts, emails, photos, or phone calls are considered harassment and are considered highly disrespectful.  The waxing process is meant only to remove the hair, by the root, from your genitalia. Everything is done in a professional manner from intake to procedure to the end of service. I  am a licensed esthetician and not a licensed massage therapist. There is no massaging done at any time during the service. If any sexual advances or conversation occurs and I am feeling uncomfortable or unsafe, you will be asked to pay for the service and to leave immediately. I have the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason. I am fully equipped with an alarm system for theft and fire. I have monitor surveillance surrounding my home.  I have a panic button for immediate police response in the event of an emergency.  Your safety and comfort are my number one concern.  



Why would I consider Simply Mia's over storefront nail salons, boutiques, or spas?


Finding a good, reputable, and experienced esthetician can be difficult. Many spas do not offer Brazilian waxing for men.  If they do, they may have high turnover rates, which means you may not always get the same esthetician. Also, an esthetician has a certificate in skincare and hundreds of hours of learning about the skin so they are experienced in treating your skin during waxing sessions. At Simply Mia’s you will always receive your service from me. There are no wait lines.  You will be greeted and attended to immediately.  Your service will never be rushed. You will find me to be kind, compassionate, and respectful. I have many years of knowledge and experience waxing and have developed my own technique for male Brazilian waxing.  My technique has been experienced by many as being less painful than they have otherwise experienced in the past.  You will find my treatment room to be warm, comfortable, and inviting. I play relaxing music to ensure a calm atmosphere. I am always consistent and detail-oriented. I am a perfectionist and an artist in my technique. I am an excellent groomer and will discuss options during our initial consultation. 


I welcome you to experience the Best Detailed Brazilian Waxing for Men in Seattle, WA.  Click on About Mia to learn about me.


What Mia hopes to experience with new clients:


I love engaging with new clients and my hopes are that you will love how smooth and soft your skin feels after having been waxed by me.  My unique, detail-oriented waxing technique leaves you hair-free and smooth when you leave. I give you post-waxing instructions so you know what to do to care for your skin after your treatment. Many have described my services as being less painful than other locations.  My hope is that you will continue to get waxed by me on maintenance.  Imagine not having to shave or trim anymore.  You can relax knowing you are getting excellent waxing results. This is your spa day!

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