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Questions & Answers About Male Brazilian Waxing 


What is a Male Brazilian waxing?  


Brazilian waxing is a cosmetic method of temporary hair removal from the genitalia using products that are made of wax (usually tree resin or honey) that is applied and pulled to remove the hairs by the root.  Skin stays smooth and hairs do not return for up to 2 to 3 weeks before they emerge as baby fine hairs until they thicken.


Brazilian waxing also known as Brozilian or Manzilian has become much more popular.  Individuals are conquering their fears and have used my information on this website to educate themselves about the process of waxing before booking their appointments. If you are currently shaving and tired of rashes, bumps, ingrown hairs, cutting yourself, or nicking yourself with your razor... stop the madness and consider making an appointment with me for your first Brazilian waxing.  With waxing you will no longer feel the uncomfortable stubby growth and will discover and enjoy the benefits of having smooth hair-free skin for longer. With continued waxing services on maintenance, your hair becomes less resistant, and your skin adjusts to the waxing technique. Free yourself from this constant chore and consider taking a plunge into a new routine. 


What areas are waxed in this service?


A standard Brazilian waxing is the removal of hairs from the entire genitalia including the pelvic region above the shaft and between the hips, about 2" below the belly button. All hairs on the scrotum and about an inch between the legs are also removed. The service normally ends with removing hair from inside the buttocks (the anal area).  I offer two types of Brazilian wax options, to make it simple. They are the Bare It All Brazilian Waxing and the Gentleman's Brazilian Waxing services. You can read about these options and other services on my Menu of Services



Will Waxing Be Painful?


Everyone has a pain tolerance and every area of the body is felt differently. The genitalia have areas that are more sensitive than others. The erogenous areas are particularly sensitive and many nerve endings are associated for a good reason.  As an expert, I know how to wax all areas of the genitalia to minimize pain and discomfort.  When the hairs are pulled, the pain is quick, temporary, and generally does not linger. A first-time waxing can be somewhat traumatic and you may have anxieties about the pain associated. You are exposed and perhaps very nervous. Your hairs probably have never been pulled out by the root and many are thick rooted. You don't know what to expect and this is all natural.  Many of my clients came to me for their first time waxing and some are still seeing me after several years.  I will talk you through the entire process. I will coach you to breathe properly and to relax your body. Once you start to relax, the process feels less intense and less painful.  After the first couple of pulls, you will begin to understand the process and this will ease your anticipation. 



What should I do to prepare for my Brazilian?


It's important to be impeccably clean in your genitalia and rectal area, as bacteria can spread to open pores resulting in an infection. Please do not shower less than 3 hours before your service. Wax will not adhere to moist skin and just-showered skin holds moisture.  Please do not use any kind of talc or prescription ointment before your appointment. Please make sure your skin is dry. Do not use a body scrub or exfoliant (loofa or granular products) up to 4 days prior. Do not tan your skin 3 days before waxing. Do not apply any creams or lotions on the day of service.  Please read the section called Information About Waxing  Not everyone can be waxed if, on certain medications, particularly strong blood thinners.  I have a page on Contraindications and Warnings.  This page lists most medications and auto-immune skin conditions that would prevent you from being waxed. Please read this page should it apply to you before booking your appointment.  If you have chronic eczema or psoriasis in your genitalia area, you may want to consult your doctor to see if waxing is an option for you. Most of these autoimmune skin conditions do fine with waxing if there is not an outbreak.  I am experienced enough to avoid waxing over inflamed areas of the skin including any lesions, cuts, or bruises.  Please consult with me if you have any lesions or areas that need to be avoided during your service. 



What can I expect with my first Brazilian waxing? 


Gloves are worn throughout the whole process. All equipment and tools are cleaned and sanitized using both liquid sanitizer and UV lighting for your protection and under WA State safety and sanitation guidelines. You will be lying on my treatment table on top of the procedure paper, much like at the doctor's office.  You will be given a towel to drape yourself until the procedure begins.  This bed moves up and down to allow me to work at different levels during the treatment. I will guide you verbally to make sure you are in the best position and will always be asking about your physical comfort during the waxing process.  I will educate you on the process and details during our intake. All the products I use are made with natural ingredients that agree with the sensitivity of the skin. You will be advised to purchase the PFB Vanish post-waxing creams. Please visit my page Products which will explain these creams which are to be used for 3 days post-waxing to help reduce redness, and bumps and will help to, calm, soothe, heal, and hydrate the areas that have been waxed. 



How long should the hair be for waxing? 

Removing the hair with wax is best achieved when the hair is more than 1/4″ in growth. 1/2″ growth is ideal. Your shortest hairs within a square inch area should be longer than 1/4".  Do not shave or trim before your waxing appointment. Very long hair will be trimmed before waxing.  Never shave or trim between waxing appointments as this interferes with the growth cycle and you will never achieve smooth results as hairs will continue surfacing under the skin. The best results for hair-free skin that lasts longer happen after the 4th or 5th consecutive treatments.  



How soon will the hairs grow back and what about maintenance? 


This all depends on your hair growth. After your first waxing hairs may grow a bit faster than subsequent waxes because your hairs are growing individually and some hairs have not even reached the surface the day of your waxing service.  You will possibly notice re-growth in 10 to 14 days. By the 4th or 5th maintenance waxing (done approximately every 4 to 6 weeks) you will notice that your hairs are finer and less dense.  Some have reported that continued Brazilian waxing has decreased the amount and thickness of the hair in general.  Maintenance waxing is ideal as hairs will be pulled while they are still thin, shorter, and not at full thickness, therefore they will be less resistive and the overall procedure will be less painful. 



Why do men do Brazilians and for what reasons? 


A Brazilian can be done for many reasons to reduce chaffing for sports such as cycling, swimming, running, dancing, performance arts, martial arts, art posing, etc. Other reasons can be personal and for pleasure. Removing hair from your genitalia increases the circulation of air which reduces sweating and odor. Whatever your reason the results of waxing will leave you feeling soft and smooth. 



What concerns should I have during my waxing?

Many things can cause concern, apprehension, and possible embarrassment during this service.  You will be exposing parts of your body that will be waxed during the entire procedure. It’s best to think of me as a medical professional (like seeing a doctor).  I am a licensed practitioner who specializes in removing hair using wax. Stretching, tugging, and pulling areas of your genitalia are necessary to ensure a safe and efficient process during the waxing procedure and manual removal of leftover resistive hair using tweezers. Occasionally, tumescence (arousal) may occur and subside. This is due to the warmth and application of the wax. I use a gauze pad to apply any oils. There is no need to be embarrassed as this is a natural involuntary occurrence. We can discuss your concerns at intake, before your service. There is NO massage done at Simply Mia's ever.  



What is considered inappropriate?


Lewd or suggestive conversations, texts, emails, photos, or phone calls are considered harassment and are considered highly disrespectful.  Everything is done professionally and clinically from intake to procedure, to the end of service. I am a licensed esthetician and not a licensed massage therapist. There is no massage at Simply Mia's. Please respect me as much as you would respect your doctor. If any sexual advances or conversation occurs and I am left feeling uncomfortable or unsafe, you will be asked to pay for the service and to leave immediately and will forfeit any future visits with Simply Mia's. I have the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason. I am fully equipped with an alarm system for emergency, theft and fire. I have monitored surveillance surrounding my home.  



Here are reasons for considering visiting Simply Mia's waxing services...


Finding a good, reputable, and experienced esthetician can be difficult. Many spas do not offer Brazilian waxing for men.  I am the only one providing services at Simply Mia's.  I am a waxing expert and specialist with years of expertise and an established clientele base.  You will find me to be very professional, personable and the service to be very clinical and sanitary. There are no wait lines. You will always be greeted by me, at the front door and attended to immediately.  You will be coming to a safe, private, and peaceful place. My treatment room is warm, comfortable, and inviting. Everyone is welcome to Simply Mia's. I am LGBTQ-friendly. 


Please learn more about me by clicking this link:   About Mia 


What Mia hopes to experience with new clients:


I love engaging with new clients and always have fun chatting with my clients during services. For more information on the process of waxing, please go to my page Waxing Process and Information.  As a new client, you can rest assured that you will always receive consistent and quality service from me. I encourage my clients to address their concerns during intake.  We can always alter and customize your service to meet your needs and goals. I give post-waxing instructions, that I created with simple instructions to follow every time you are waxed so you get the best results and avoid irritation.  These instructions have important information to help heal your skin after waxing and maintain your skin before your next treatment.  Imagine not having to shave or trim anymore.  No more itching from rough, nubby growth. You can ditch those habits and commit to a whole new grooming routine. 

I look forward to hearing from you and having you frequent Simply Mia's Best Men's Brazilian Waxing Services, Seattle, WA

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