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Questions & Answers About Brazilian Waxing for Men

Nothing better than getting your Brazilian Waxing for Men at Simply Mia's, Seattle

What is a Male Brazilian waxing?


It's the removal of hair from the genitalia. Brazilian waxing for men has become much more popular and men are conquering their fears and giving it a try. If you are currently shaving and tired of uncomfortable stubby growth, then consider waxing -- you'll enjoy the benefits of smooth and softer skin for weeks. 


What areas are waxed in this treatment?


Standard Brazilian waxing for men includes the front pelvis area below the belly and about 2 inches where the upper thigh meets the pubic area; the shaft, scrotum, and between the buttocks, including the area surrounding the anal opening.   I offer two types of Brazilian wax options, to make it simple. The Bare it and the Gentlemen's Brazilian. You can read about these on the pricing page.

Will Waxing Be Painful?


Everyone experiences pain differently so it's hard to tell.  Any pain felt is temporary and subsides after the hairs are pulled. Subsequent waxings are less painful as the hairs become less resistant.  Keeping up with maintenance is important in this process (coming in every 4 or 5 weeks) to remove the hair follicles before they become thick and fully grown again. Some people will take their favorite pain reliever  (eg: 4 to 6 Ibuprofen) prior to the appointment to help minimize any discomfort.  Do not take aspirin as it thins the blood.  Most people describe their first Brazilian waxing as "that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be" and book their next appointment. If it were a horrible experience men would not continue doing it and Brazilians for men would not be a popular choice over shaving or trimming.



What should I do to prepare for my Brazilian?


It's important to be impeccably clean in your genitalia and rectal area, as bacteria can spread to open pores resulting in an infection. Please shower prior and make sure your skin is dry. Do not use a body scrub or exfoliant (loofa or granular products) up to 4 days prior. Do not tan your skin 3 days before waxing. Do not apply any creams or lotions on the day of service, as the wax will not adhere to moist skin and this will prevent a good outcome. Please read the section called waxing (click here) CONTRAINDICATIONS on this website. Not everyone can be waxed if on certain medications. If you have eczema or psoriasis in your genitalia, you may want to consult your doctor to see if waxing is an option for you.



What can I expect with my first Brazilian waxing?


You can expect complete professionalism from start to finish. Gloves are worn throughout the whole process. All equipment and tools are cleaned and sanitized using both Barbicide and UV lighting for your protection and under WA State safety and sanitation guidelines.  I will talk you through the entire process and you will be provided with information for post-care.  You will be on the esthetic bed and given a towel to drape yourself until the procedure begins. The medium used to remove the hairs is made of premium, high-grade, quality resin wax. You will be advised to purchase the PFB Man Mask to be used for 3 days post-waxing to help calm, soothe, heal, and hydrate the areas that have been waxed. 



How long should the hair be for waxing?


The wax cannot adhere to hairs less than 1/4″ in growth. 1/2″ growth or longer is ideal. The shortest hairs within a one-inch square area should be over 1/4" in length. Any long hairs will be trimmed prior to your service. Do not trim the length of your hair prior to your appointment.



How soon will the hairs grow back and what about maintenance?


Hair follicles grow individually.  On average,  it can take up to two or three weeks before the hair surfaces.  After your first men's Brazilian waxing, some hairs will grow back a bit faster than after subsequent waxes. Maintenance is advised every 4 to 6 weeks so hairs do not grow back to their original thickness or length.  With subsequent waxings, more of the resistive hairs are pulled and the skin stays smoother longer.  



Why do men do Brazilians and for what reasons?


Brazilian waxing can be done for many reasons, such as reducing chafing for sports, cycling, swimming, running, dancing, performance arts, martial arts, art posing, etc. Other reasons can be personal and for pleasure. Perhaps you sweat excessively and removing hair from your genitalia can allow the area to better breathe and increase the circulation of air. Whatever your reason, it doesn’t matter. The choice and sensation of having a Brazilian are different for each individual.  Everyone is welcome to Simply Mia's.  Nobody under the age of 18 is allowed at Simply Mia's.



What concerns should I have during my waxing?

Many things can cause concern and embarrassment during this treatment.  You will be exposing your body during the entire procedure. It’s best to think of me as a medical technician.  I am trained to deal with this on a regular basis. Like a doctor, I have done this so often that the procedure is second nature to me. Stretching, tugging, and pulling of the skin is necessary to apply and pull the hairs during waxing. There are moments during the service that is not painful and some can find it quite relaxing. I am working hard to remove your follicles so you remain smooth and soft until your subsequent treatment. During the procedure, tumescence (arousal) may occur.  If this happens, there’s no need to be embarrassed. It is a normal adrenal response due to the application of the warm wax and sometimes due to the manipulation.  I am a professional so please respect me as I continue to do my job. You can let me know if you are feeling uncomfortable, it is important for both of you to feel safe.  As a new person, perhaps relaxing prior to arriving for your appointment would help with any anxieties about the procedure. You are booking the appointment with me because you have chosen to experience waxing in lieu of shaving or trimming. This is a treatment that is offered for both men and women these days.  There is NO massage done at Simply Mia's. I am a professional esthetician and provide only clinical services and treatments.  



What is considered inappropriate?


Waxing is strictly a clinical procedure. Lewd or suggestive conversations, texts, emails, or phone calls are considered harassment and are highly disrespectful. I am inviting you into the privacy of my home-based business. Everything about your visit to Simply Mia's is done in a very professional and technical manner.  I ask that you be respectful at all times.  To come to Simply Mia's with sexual expectations is highly disrespectful.  Any sexual advancements, noises, or movements during the treatment will be considered sexual harassment and you will be asked to pay for the service and to leave immediately. Simply Mia’s is fully equipped with an alarm system for both fire and theft, along with a panic button for immediate police response in the event of an emergency.  Your safety and comfort are my number one concern 



Why would I consider Simply Mia's over storefront nail salons, boutiques, or spas?


Finding a good, reputable, and experienced esthetician can be difficult. Many spas do not offer Brazilian waxing for men.  If they do, they may have high turnover rates, which means you may not always get the same esthetician. Also, an esthetician has a certificate in skincare and hundreds of hours of learning about the skin so they are experienced in treating your skin during waxing sessions. At Simply Mia’s you will always receive your service from Mia, the owner. There are no wait lines.  You will be greeted and attended to immediately.  Your service will never be rushed. You will find me to be personable, engaging, and knowledgeable while being treated in a warm, comfortable, and calming atmosphere. I am always consistent and detail-oriented. I am a perfectionist and an artist in my technique. I am an excellent groomer and will discuss options during the intake. As the owner/provider, I time my clients accordingly and will never rush your service.  I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time for any reason.  I welcome you to experience the Best Brazilian Waxing for Men in Seattle, WA.  Click on About Mia to learn about this esthetician.  *** sometimes Mia may be running a few minutes late and will inform you by text if this occurs. 

What is considered highly disrespectful? 


I am just one person, a small business owner, providing quality waxing services for up to 3 clients a day.  I am reserving 2 hours or more of my invested time for your service. An appointment with me should be just as important as a doctor's appointment. If you don't show up (called a no-show) or decide to cancel the morning of your appointment because you'd rather go on a hike or have found another location you'd rather go to...then your decision to not show up is highly disrespectful to me and you forfeit any future appointments with me.  Please know, if you have a valid excuse (covid, flu, or downright sick of any nature) please stay home but call me so I am aware and let's book out another week. Respect and trust equal a great client/provider relationship.


Is it customary to leave a gratuity for an esthetician?

Tipping is a choice provided by the individual who has received a fantastic treatment or service. It is not expected but certainly appreciated.   I do not include gratuities in my treatment pricing. 

“Thank you and I hope you will become a Simply Mia’s client and book your appointment today…” Mia

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