Waxing Information

Get your waxing done at Simply Mia's, Seattle

Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal that rapidly pulls the hair from the root using wax. Almost any area of the body can be waxed where there is hair except for a man's beard or the top of his head. There are several types of waxes out on the market for waxing but here at Simply Mia's we use premium waxes since Mia is a skincare specialist and prefers to use a product that has ingredients that protect the skin and is most natural.  She uses both strip wax and blue hard wax. Strip waxing is accomplished by spreading a nearly hot wax thinly over the skin with a wooden tongue depressor.  Mia will then use a soft white muslin cloth strip and press against the wax and then with a quick pull, will proceed to rip out the hairs at an angle along the length of the skin, while stretching the skin. This process is done over and over to remove the main thicker areas of the hairs on smooth areas of the skin such as the back, pelvic region, tummy chest, legs, etc.  She will also use hard wax in other areas of the body where she may feel the skin may be more sensitive or have curvier areas or wrinkles such as necklines, scrotum, and labia.  Hard wax is applied in the same manner as the strip wax by applying warmly to the skin but creates its own strip by drying onto the skin.  A wooden popsicle stick is used to apply the wax and to pick at the end of the wax strip and then pull to release the hairs. Essentially both waxes remove hairs from the root ball.   It is important to go over any and all medications or medical issues with Mia just to make sure you are a  good candidate for waxing. Simply Mia’s has provided you with a page specific for contraindications. Please made sure you read this section carefully during the intake forms process to disclose anything necessary that could be of concern medically such as psoriasis or eczema.  Certain blood thinners can prevent you from being waxed, so you may want to check with your doctor first.

Most important  You will want to come to your treatments freshly showered or cleansed. This is to prevent any bacteria from going into your bloodstream. Be sure to wear loose clothing for your ride home. Do not apply any lotions, oils, or creams on the day of treatment. Wax will not apply to oil or lotions.  


As you can see from the diagram above… the hair follicle grows in the deepest layers of our skin, below the skin layers. This is the hypodermic layer where blood vessels and nerve endings are formed. The follicle is attached to blood vessels and this is all in microscopic proportions. When the hair is pulled from the root, the blood vessel is detached and blood rises to the surface.  This is why the skin looks red after waxing. Don't worry, it is microscopic. It takes 72 hours to recede back to normal levels after having it pulled in this manner. There is a gland, called the sebaceous gland inside the pore and it is responsible for protecting the follicle and your skin. It can act up creating a rash with bumps or hives. After waxing the skin can feel quite tight and dry. This is why keeping it hydrated is important.  Mia takes the time to educate each and every client before the waxing session to go over this process again so you understand the dos and don'ts after waxing. She has written a post-waxing instruction sheet you will take home with you that will help you keep your skin at its healthiest during the 72-hour healing process. 

If you are doing a Brazilian waxing, she will consult you on the style you will want to attain. Some want all the hairs removed including the frontal pelvic region from hip to hip (The Bare It All Brazilian) and some want that area trimmed and everything from the shaft down waxed (The Gentlemen's Brazilian) Whatever you decide, Mia will make sure you are satisfied with the outcome and since hairs grow back, she can always adjust things or do something different the next time you come back for your maintenance. You are welcome to talk to her about specific shapes such as a strip if that is what you prefer but anything such as a triangle will have an extra charge. Also, it is very important that you discuss anything of concern with Mia. She is your esthetician, She needs to know about your comfort and if you are not comfortable, she cannot read your mind and would rather you tell her right away so she can make it right. She is more than happy to accommodate an unhappy client.

Ingrown hairs can be a problem. If you have had them when shaving or trimming in the past, more than likely you will have them with waxing too. Perhaps it would be best to avoid waxing the pelvic region and just wax the shaft, scrotum, and anal crevice and opt to get the Gentleman's Brazilian. The cost is the same and Mia will trim the pelvic area and it will look very nice and well-groomed. Should you decide to get the Bare it all Brazilian and start to get a few ingrown hairs, then she sells a product that can help to relieve the onset of ingrown hairs called Ultra and it's a solution applied nightly. You would then be using this instead of exfoliating. This solution helps to heal and prevent ingrown hairs but there is no guarantee. You must be consistent and some people need to use this twice a day if you have a bad case of ingrown hairs. Some who have thick stubborn hairs are more prone to ingrown hairs. Mia would be a good judge in helping you decide what would be best as a skincare specialist under these circumstances. 


The first waxing is always the most traumatic. First off you don't know what to expect or anticipate. You may be nervous about several things. You will feel some pain and this is why Mia would recommend you take twice the amount of pain reliever such as four Ibuprofen which is an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever (do not take aspirin as it thins the blood) also if you want, you can take one Benedryl, this will be a preventative if you have a histamine response if the sebaceous gland has a reaction and you start to bump up or create hives during this first waxing experience.  The waxing will be performed in Mia's treatment room. All her licenses and permits are on her wall.  She is also insured.  She has a warm and comfortable electric massage bed that lifts you up to levels so she can do her job comfortably.  Once on the table, she will be positioning you during the procedure. You will be asked to get into positions and will ask you to breathe and not move during pulls. She will talk you through the entire process. You will be fine and once you go through a few pulls you will start to get used to the process and get used to Mia's personality and feel less anxious. Most people comment at the end that it was not as bad as they had anticipated and book their next appointment. You too will become a Simply Mia's client, So let's move on to what happens after waxing. 


For the first 24 hours, you will want to relax and wear loose clothing to prevent friction to the area that has been waxed. You will want to apply the PFB Man Mask or Bikini Cream you have purchased from Mia to hydrate and heal the skin for the 3 days of healing and then please start using a good body lotion you like on a daily basis in those areas (preferably something without perfume or dyes such as Lubriderm or Aveno)  Some things you can get in advance is 100% organic Jojoba Oil which is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory and a good organic salt & oil body scrub for exfoliation once a week (which you start the week after your first waxing) comes in a jar.  A good one Mia likes is called Holy City Salt Scrub sold on Amazon. Keep these things in your shower so you will not forget to use them regularly. Please do not shower that first day, if you have to go out, just clean around areas that have been waxed lightly to avoid irritation.  It is advisable to avoid any activity that involves sweating for at least 24 hours including intimacy and working out.  Keeping your skin well hydrated after waxing for 3 days is advised. Mia sells products by PFB designed to reduce redness and inflammation post waxing.  Please refer to her PRODUCTS for more info on the Man Mask and Bikini Cream to be used for 3 days following treatment.


Hair does not all grow at the same time. You have hair growing at different levels all the time. Mia will only be able to get the hairs that are above the surface during the first waxing and the wax can only grab the hairs that can lay it down to be pulled up and they must be over 1/4" in length. Anything shorter is considered resistive hairs, broken hairs, or hairs that were surfacing anyway and she will get to those with her tweezers.  She is very detail-oriented and this is why she takes longer with her clients. Her goal is to leave you smoother when you leave, so you don't have to go home and tweeze a bunch of hairs left behind.  She prides herself as an artist and as a groomer.  Mia is consistent each and every time.  


It is important that you do not shave or trim in between waxings. A commitment to waxing ensures the best results and will not upset the growth cycle. In doing so, you will have more hairs that grow out at the same time and it may take 4 or 5 sessions before more of them are pulled consecutively at the same time.

Your hairs will surface at 2 or 3 weeks and you may find it itchy or you may just decide it feels good to touch and play with. Please don't. Your hairs are trying to come out of the skin. This is a crucial time and it needs lots of help. This is a good time to take an Epsom Salt bath to open up the pores and also apply more of the PFB Man Mask to calm the skin down and help that pore to hydrate that hair follicle along the way. Please don't pick at any ingrown hairs at this point. Just let them break through the skin.  You can use Jojoba Oil to hydrate your skin at night as an anti-inflammatory. You can exfoliant lightly/gently with your salt scrub to break up any dead skin cells on the surface clogging the path of these surfacing hairs.  Continue to use your body lotion daily.


At about 5 weeks you are ready to be waxed again. In Mia's opinion, any earlier is too short.  Mia finds that hairs are at the perfect length for waxing at 5 weeks for most. You are welcome to come at 4 weeks if you like and are accustomed to being waxed every 4 weeks. Any more than 5 weeks, then your hairs start to thicken up and will become more resistive again.  Since waxing is a commitment you will want to make sure you can afford this as part of your budget.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please text Mia at 206-257-9938.