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Waxing Information and Process

Get your waxing done at Simply Mia's, Seattle

I am a licensed professional and experienced esthetician. You will be treated in my fully equipped treatment room on my comfortable treatment bed. It is a very clinical and professional service. I wear gloves during the whole process for the genitalia areas. All other areas do not require gloves.


Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal that rapidly pulls the hair by the root from the deepest layer of your skin. 

Almost any area of the body can be waxed where there is hair except for a man's beard area or the top of the head. There are several types of waxes out on the market for waxing but here at Simply Mia's I only use strip wax (using a strip to pull the wax up with the hairs) and blue hard wax (which coats the hairs and creates its own strip and is pulled up with all the hairs)  These two types of waxes are applied with a tongue depressant wooden stick. The hairs are pressed down with either of these waxes and while stretching the skin, the pull is made pulling hairs up in the process. It is usually quick and any pain felt is only temporary during that pull. This process is done over and over to remove all the hair. Then while you are still desensitized from waxing, I will tweeze any remaining hairs so you are left hair free. Essentially both waxes remove hairs from the root ball.  It is important to go over any and all medications or medical issues with me just to make sure you are a  good candidate for waxing and we will discuss all this and the procedure during your consultation with me prior to the treatment. Most important  You will want to come to your services freshly showered or cleansed, (especially the anal area). This is to prevent any bacteria from going into your bloodstream. Be sure to wear loose clothing for your ride home. Do not apply any lotions, oils, or creams on the day of treatment. Wax will not apply to oil or lotions.  If you shower, please shower a couple of hours before your appointment and not right before. Your skin retains moisture and wax will try to adhere to the moisture on your skin. If you live in West Seattle, please do not ride your bicycle here because riding home will cause friction and chafing.


As you can see from the diagram above… the hair follicle grows in the deepest layers of our skin, below the skin layers. A hair follicle anchors each hair into the skin. The hair bulb forms the base of the hair follicle. In the hair bulb, living cells divide and grow to build the hair shaft. Blood vessels nourish the cells in the hair bulb, and deliver hormones that modify hair growth and structure. So when the hair bulb is pulled out of the follicle, the sebaceous gland can go into protection mode and send up fluid to protect the skin and blood will pool to the top of the pore. This is all microscopic and why the skin looks red after waxing. It takes 72 hours for fluids/blood to recede back to normal levels. After waxing the skin can feel quite tight and dry. This is why keeping it hydrated is important.  I take time to educate each and every client before the waxing session to go over this process again so you understand the dos and don'ts after waxing. I have written a post-waxing instructions sheet you will take home with you that will help you keep your skin at its healthiest during the 72-hour healing process. 


If you are doing a Brazilian waxing service, I will consult you on the style you will want to attain. Some want all the hairs removed including the frontal pelvic region from hip to hip (The Bare It All Brazilian) and some want that area trimmed and everything from the shaft down waxed (The Gentlemen's Brazilian) Whatever you decide, I will make sure you are satisfied with the outcome. I can always adjust things or do something different the next time you come back for your maintenance. Maintenance is recommended for best results with the waxing technique. The first time you get waxed, it is traumatic for the skin to have hairs ripped out. If you maintain treatments every 4 to 6 weeks, your skin becomes accustomed to the process and it will get easier every time. You get the best results after the 4th or 5th time when more hairs are pulled up consecutively and is ultimately less painful for you. It is very important that you discuss anything of concern with me.  Above all else, I need communication from you to make sure you are comfortable during the entire service. I am more than happy to accommodate you than have you leave an unhappy client.


Ingrown hairs can be a problem. If you have had them when shaving or trimming in the past, then likely you have sensitive skin and will have them post-waxing. I will discuss options and self-care at-home solutions to prevent future outbreaks. Your post-waxing routine along with exfoliating weekly and using lotion daily will help tremendously. You must be consistent and some people need to use a product I sell in lieu of an exfoliating scrub called PFB Ultra. I will help you decide which waxing service and post-care products would be best under these circumstances.


You may be nervous about several things. You will feel some pain and this is why I would recommend you take twice the amount of pain reliever such as 4 Ibuprofen which is an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever (do not take aspirin as it thins the blood) also if you want, you can take one Benedryl, this will be a preventative if you have a histamine response if the sebaceous gland has a reaction and you start to bump up or create hives during your first waxing experience.  The waxing will be performed in my treatment room. All my permits, insurance, and esthetic license are on display. I will talk you through the entire process prior to (during intake) and also during the service so you will know what to do as I make my pulls.  Most people comment at the end of the service that it was not as bad as they had anticipated and book their next appointment. You too will become a Simply Mia client.


During my intake, you read the contraindications form (these are things that would prevent you from getting waxed) Then you will sign my client release form. This document is a legal waiver I must have since I work out of my house and not in a storefront business. This intake process takes 5 minutes to complete, then we will go over some basic waxing education and process and post-waxing care and instruction so you can achieve the best results.  I look forward to meeting you and having you become a Simply Mia’s client.

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