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Mia's Garden Entry

During her free time, Mia loves to spend time in her front yard gardening. She designed and landscaped the space herself and over the years created a park like setting that she maintains with the help of a gardener who takes care of the hard work she can no longer manage. Pride of ownership is part of her personality.


Warm and Welcoming 

Mia will personally greet you at her front door.  Her living room is used as a waiting room if needed.  When you first walk into Mia's home you will notice the warm wood tones throughout. If it's really hot outside, you'll be nice and cool inside, Mia has central air conditioning.  She enjoys having greenery inside the home as well and most of her plants have been with her for many years.  Mia proudly displays her half Asian culture throughout her home in her eclectic decor. 


and Perfectionism 

The inviting kitchen is where she will conduct the initial interview prior to your service.  She will escort you through her living room into her kitchen where you will complete her intake forms and talk to her about your waxing goals. If this is your first time, she will educate you on the process.  If you've waxed before she will still want to get some information on you so she can do her best to meet your needs. This is where she gets to know you. Mia is engaging and personable, so you will more than likely start feeling at ease with her very quickly.  Her goal is to assure her clients that her services are professional and technical treatments, safely provided out of her home. Mia is foremost a skincare expert with complete education about the skin and she will take your treatment very seriously.  She will offer solutions for post-waxing so you will achieve the best outcome and know how to care for your skin post waxing. 


and Inviting


After the intake, Mia will escort you to her treatment room and you are welcome to use the restroom, which is adjacent to the treatment room for your convenience.  This is all located on the first level of her home and right next to the kitchen. Mia has an inviting and comfortable treatment room for her clients with a very comfortable treatment table that adjusts automatically vertically. The Massage table is heated to keep your back nice and warm during cold days. The room is fully equipped, sterile and clean.  The colors are warm and ambient. Per CDC guidelines Mia sterilizes and cleans after each client to assure your safety and hers.  Mia always has relaxing music playing in the background.