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And How Simply Mia's Got Started

Mia's Video was filmed in 2013 and edited in 2022

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Simply Mia's _ West Seattle _ Waxing for Men
Simply Mia's Mascot Keiko

I grew up in the Bay Area, CA.  My Japanese mother owned a restaurant in Japan Center in San Francisco for 20 years. I learned good business ethics from her.


When my kids were young and in school, I worked part-time as a commercial interior landscaper and during my free time, I dabbled in college courses ranging from architectural and interior design, and fine arts to graphic design. Having 3 kids and trying to get a degree was impossible.  I moved to Washington in '97 and purchased a home in West Seattle. I worked in several administrative and sales positions over the years but I never felt a sense of fulfillment or passion and knew I was ready for a change.  I quit my 4-year position as supervisor for the billing department at a local phone company and enrolled in a private esthetics school in Renton. I had always taken good care of my skin since I was a teenager so learning about skincare and product knowledge was an attractive benefit for me.  I graduated from the Euro Institute of Skincare in 2006 and became a licensed esthetician. After working three years at local spas and gaining as much knowledge as I could in this industry, I found a passion for caring about people and helping them with their skincare needs, which involved facials and waxing. I seemed to excel at both. In 2009, after the last spa I worked for went out of business, I invited my clients to my home where I set up a fully equipped treatment room. This worked out so well that I officially opened my in-home business in 2010 performing facials and waxing. After several inquiries and having performed Brazilian waxing on females, I decided to add male Brazilian waxing to my menu. I am like a doctor when it comes to the anatomy of the human body. My only focus is on the removal of hair using wax and treating the skin with quality products for hydration and healing. Over the next few years, more men frequented my waxing establishment. The comment I heard was that there are very few locations that provide quality waxing services for men. I am happy to offer a safe environment for men to frequent and get their most intimate waxing done. 


Since I am only one person, I eventually had to give up performing facials so I could accommodate my growing waxing clientele. I continue to use my skincare expertise to address ingrown hairs and detect abnormal lesions on the body. I love what I do in providing excellent waxing services. I am always perfecting my methods or gaining education in the process of waxing. 


As the author of my website, I provide information for viewers to understand the process and procedure of waxing.  Designing my website was fun. I used colors that appealed to me since Turquoise reminds me of the waters in the Caribbean. I included photos of myself, my home interior, and landscaping to ease any concerns about visiting my in-home business. I want potential clients to feel welcome and comfortable at Simply Mia’s.  I had a marketing company take a video in 2013 that I added to my website. It was edited in 2022. 


​I am fully vaccinated and boosted. To ensure your safety, I follow all CDC guidelines and take the necessary precautions to sterilize and disinfect all surface areas before and after each client. I have a fully equipped treatment room with an adjacent bathroom for my clients. You will find my house, clean, cozy and comfortable.

Throughout my home, I reflect on the simplicity of some Asian decor because I love it and it reflects my heritage. I find gardening to be very therapeutic and, many times, a good workout other than rowing on my HydroRow.  My favorite time of year is in early May when everything is in full bloom. I love having greenery indoors too. I have a variety of indoor plants in different growth stages. Many have been with me for years.  

I have a beautiful companion fur baby, my sweet Doberman Pinscher, Keiko. She has been with me since she was 6 weeks old and will turn 12 in June of '24. She is slowing down with her age.  She has always been loving, goofy, friendly, and playful. She is socialized. Each moment is precious with her. She is used to my working schedule and remains quiet in my bedroom until I am done for the day.  

​I have business licenses with both the State of Washington and the City of Seattle. I am also a member of ASCP. My titles are skincare specialist, esthetician and cerologist.

I look forward to meeting you and providing you with an excellent waxing experience. 

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