About Mia


Mia is an experienced, licensed esthetician and the owner and sole operator of Simply Mia’s.  She has more than a decade of experience providing customized services for both men and women.  Her dedication to clients as a licensed esthetician is unmatched.  Mia graduated in 2006 from the Euro Institute of Skincare and had worked prior for some spas in the greater Seattle area.  Since 2010, Mia established her business in West Seattle out of her charming home.  She has successfully built a large clientele base.


Due to Covid and its variants since 2020, Mia has kept abreast of all CDC warnings and sanitation protocols. She continues to sterilize daily and after each and every client to ensure your safety and her own.  Mia is immunocompromised and at high risk so she is vaccinated and continues to update with boosters and wears her mask around her clients. Because she loves her career and wants to continue providing her services to her clients, she does request that clients also be fully vaccinated and provide proof and wear their masks during treatments.  She appreciates all cooperation and will always provide excellent service. One other request Mia will ask is if she can take a photo of each client for her contact (which she does not share with anyone or sell) it is for her own use to identify each client when they call or text for services. She deletes these when a client is no longer a patron.




Mia has a warm and friendly personality.  Her disposition and mannerism are an engaging blend of professionalism and comedic charm.  She does enjoy chatting with her clients but does understand if the client wants to relax and prefers quiet.  You can express this to her during the intake. Please remember that Mia is inviting you into her home so getting to know her clients is part of the process of building a rapport with you and knowing whom she is treating. Many of Mia's clients have become her friends over the years. She will ease your concerns when it comes to questions about your treatment.  Mia is very dedicated to her profession and to the well-being of her clients.  Mia distinguishes herself as an artist in her technique and as a groomer. She never rushes through her treatments and her attention to detail and perfectionism are remarkable and the reason many of her clients return over the years. It is becoming harder to get in new clients,  as she is only one person so if she offers you an appointment time (usually on a cancellation), it is best you take it. Once you are a Simply Mia's client, you will then be on maintenance.  


Mia takes pride in her work and her goal is to provide a satisfying experience that will exceed your expectations.  She uses only top-grade products for her clients.  Mia is also the creator and author of this entire website. She often will update her website with new information as needed. She's very proud of her accomplishments as a skin care specialist.  Look for her informative blogs and updates on her social media accounts such as Google.  Please browse through her website and contact her if you have any questions.

On Her days off she'll spend extra time with her sweet aging Doberman Pinscher and companion Keiko, whom she's had since 2012. (Keiko is not a part of Simply Mia's and is kept in Mia's private quarters where she remains quiet and used to Mia's working routine.) Mia loves going to the movies and watching fun series (great conversations to have with her if you're a series buff).  Mia also recently purchased a HydroRow rowing machine and loves it. She's finding that sitting and working out is so much easier compared to walking, which she also enjoys. 


Mia also loves to spend time maintaining her front yard which she landscaped herself many years ago. She has enjoyed watching it develop over the years and it has slowly turned into a mini park-like setting. Mia finally had to hire a gardener to help her with the taller and harder stuff she can't get to anymore. Stuff that requires a ladder.


Mia is fully licensed by both the City of Seattle and the State of Washington.  She's also a proud member of ASCP. 


“I look forward to meeting you and providing you with an excellent waxing experience” …Mia