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Thinking of Getting Your First Male Brazilian Waxing?

You can let your worst fears go away… It’s truly not as bad as you think or many men who get this done regularly would never return for maintenance every 4 to 8 weeks. Put your razor away and enjoy the benefits of having smooth and hairless skin in your genitalia. A full brazilian waxing involves the pubic mound, the shaft, the scrotum and the anal crevice. Hair is removed by the roots and will take a couple of weeks before they reach the surface and as they grow out. Those hairs will feel fine and soft to the touch, not stubbly and course like when you've shaved. After a few short weeks, you'll be due for your next waxing. It’s that simple…

Mia conducts your treatment directly out of her charming home in West Seattle. You won’t have to wait in line uncomfortably at a public location. Her home is welcoming and inviting with plenty of accessible street parking out front. When you arrive at Simply Mia’s for your treatment, she’ll be there to greet you and invite you into her home. She’ll have you fill out intake forms and go over any contraindications that would prevent you from having a treatment that day. She’ll then go over the procedure and any post care necessary. Mia’s goal as a skincare specialist is to ensure a safe, sterile and clinical procedure to assure you get the best results. She will educate you on what to expect during and after the treatment. Mia is a professional, licensed and experienced esthetician (since 2006) who has a large male clientele base who return for their male brazilian waxing on a regular basis. Some clients get other waxings done at the same time... such as buttocks, full back and their brazilian.

You will then be taken into her treatment room where you will undress and get onto a massage table. You’ll be given a towel to drape yourself and Mia will wear gloves during the entire procedure. There are two types of wax used, a strip wax that is warm and will be applied with a tongue depressor and she uses a strip to remove the wax. The other type of was is called blue hard wax. This type of wax creates it’s own strip and is much thicker when applied and dries to a semi hard consistency. This type of wax is best used in the more sensitive areas of the male genitalia. 100% natural skin oil is used to remove any excess wax and during clean up to condition and calm the skin after the procedure.

A common question asked is if it will be painful? You will feel a stinging feeling that is momentary when the wax is removed. It is quick and subsides quickly. Everyone has different pain level tolerances and most men and women do extremely well during this procedure. It is recommended to take some form of pain reliever to help with inflammation but do not to take aspirin... as it thins the blood.

Another question asked is whether a man gets an erection during the procedure. That can be extremely embarrassing for some but your esthetician, Mia, has been trained to deal with waxing around this. You may get an erection and it’s totally natural. It is not a sexual response but an adrenal response from your body considering it’s having warm wax applied and there is some manipulation of the area during the process. Do not let something this natural discourage you from receiving your first brazilian and enjoying the benefits of being virtually hair free for a few weeks.

You can get most question answered by going through Mia’s website where she has a whole page called Male Brazilian Waxing FAQ. She would be happy to answer any questions you may have by simply calling her too at 206-257-9938.

Come get your first brazilian from the best male brazilian waxing service in Seattle.

Mia looks forward to meeting you.

Thinking of that Male Brazilian Waxing?

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