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Dude! Put your fears to rest... Male Brazilian Waxing is becoming routine, like getting your hair

Many men out there are getting them done and enjoying the benefits. Not only does your skin feel nice and smooth afterwards but hair grows back softer to the touch. That's because it’s removed by the root and that baby fine hair has to surface and thicken up gradually before having it waxed again. Each time you get it done your hairs become less resistive and pull out easier and faster. So, if you've been procrastinating, it's time to make that call. You'll be glad you did.

I get that you may think it's horribly painful. If that were true, do you think men and women would be doing this regularly? It is a momentary pain and subsides immediately. At Simply Mia's you are not on an hourly clock and plenty of time is allowed for your comfort and pace. So... don't hesitate any further... make that call and get your first brazilian.

If you’re planning to get a brazilian, just come to the best in the Pacific Northwest. Simply Mia’s… Check out my website and get your treatment started. Then you’ll understand why men are doing what the ladies have known for years.

To be waxed, you must have over 1/4” growth of hair and free from any contraindications. Please read about those on my website to ensure that you are a good candidate. or call 206-257-9938 By Appointment Only

Fears of getting a male brazilian waxing
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