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Don't Shave Anymore... Waxing Can Leave You Smoother for Longer

Unwanted hair can be a pain to get rid of. You can waste hours shaving, trimming then plucking, but those darned hairs still come back rather quickly. Many people turn to waxing as a solution for unwanted hair removal.

To begin with, waxing is more effective at hair removal because instead of cutting the hairs close to the skin – as with shaving – the hairs actually get pulled out by the root. It takes longer for the hairs to grow back, and often times the hair will grow back lighter and thinner, so it’s less noticeable.

Permanent hair removal with waxing is possible over years of waxing treatments. Constant waxing eventually weakens the hair follicle and damages the root, causing the follicle to die and when this happens in multitude, you experience hair loss. Much like if you were to pull hair out of your head repeatedly, you would have a bald spot where hair would not grow back.

Waxing results generally lasts about 2 or 3 weeks of smooth skin before the fine hair follicle breaks through the surface and starts to grow out again. What you’ll experience is that it’s soft and so fine. It does not feel stubbly like between three to six weeks of smooth, hairless skin in the treatment areas. You must wait until your shortest hairs are longer than 1/4” before you can wax again. It is not advisable to shave in between waxings. The growth cycle is interrupted and your results will not be as smooth. If you have shaved, those hairs will surface faster than the hairs that are waxed.

If you are interested in receiving a waxing treatment, contact me to schedule your appointment today. Call 206-257-9938 to set your Seattle hair removal date!

Let go of shaving and get waxed instead
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