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A Male Brazilian Waxing... Start your New Year off with a popular male grooming routine.

A confident man who wants his first brazilian waxing

You’ve been researching for a couple of years now. Perhaps you’ve been procrastinating on making that call. Here are some things to consider so you make an informed decision before you book your first appointment.

Things to know…

Waxing last longer than shaving or trimming. It’s become as popular for men as for women. Hairs grow back thinner and softer and stay that way for weeks before they return to their original thickness and length. Benefits of having this done regularly: You will sweat less and will stay smoother for longer. Hairs will not interfere with intimacy or workouts at the gym. Athletes enjoy the benefit of less chaffing for biking, running and swimming. Some say that with years of waxing they notice less hair. This is possible as waxing does kill off some hair follicles permanently preventing that hair from growing again. This happens randomly throughout and does not leave bald patches on your genitalia.

Look for Male Brazilian Waxing within the city or closest city you live in. Research their websites. Don’t just pick the first website you see. Look down the list and discover one that feels right to you and what you’re looking for. Do they explain in detail the procedure and about waxing in general so you understand what is involved? The site should list contraindications (warnings for those who may be on certain medications or have medical conditions that would restrict waxing on the skin?) A professional and experienced technician should perform a patch test on an area before proceeding with the treatment to see how your skin reacts.

Find an experienced and professional, licensed esthetician who does this regularly and specializes in Male Brazilian Waxing. Read their bio and see how long they’ve been doing this treatment. Contact them and ask questions to ease your concerns. Some websites provide email addresses and you may want to ask questions in that manner so they have time to respond at their convenience. Be sure to explain that this would be your first waxing and that you are nervous and have some questions. An experienced esthetician may want to arrange a time to contact you in person so you may want to provide a phone number and times you are available to talk.

Decide what location best serves your treatment. There are spas, hair salons that have waxing rooms within and then there are the private residential homes, which are generally a great choice for men so they don’t have to deal with a busy reception area, which can be uncomfortable or even embarrassing for some. Some establishments do not have experienced estheticians who know how to do Male Brazilian Waxing properly and bruising and tearing of the skin is a likely possibility. Usually the owner/operator run establishments within a private home or spa have fully equipped treatment rooms for the convenience of their clientele. They specialize in waxing men and have developed their own techniques (as all estheticians work differently with different types of waxes) and all male genitalia and development of hair growth is different too. The other benefit of going to a residential business or owner/operator is that you will have that same esthetician each and every time, rather than find that your esthetician has moved or quit and you’re now in the hands of someone with little or no experience or interest.

Check the website for key words, such as: detail oriented, quality service, professional, thorough, experienced, clean and sterile. Is the website professionally written? The worst thing one can do is to go on Youtube and watch a Male Brazilian Waxing. Most of those videos are done for fun and entertainment and do not address the reality of having a professional treatment. The 40 Year Old Virgin movie is a good example of what is Not done during a professional waxing by an experienced and licensed esthetician.

Know what areas are waxed during a full Male Brazilian Waxing. Know the anatomical names for your genitalia. This includes, frontal mound… The area below your belly button and between your hips, just above your shaft. Some men prefer to leave this area alone or just have the esthetician groom this area by trimming it to the desired length. You can also have a strip or small area of hair left on the mound, customized to your liking. There is the shaft (penis) and some men have hairs that grow all the way up the shaft and around the head. Most men have hair at the base of the shaft and partially above. The scrotum or testicles (not commonly called “balls” by professional estheticians) are also waxed. The scrotum can be stretched easily and an experienced esthetician will know how to manipulate your skin. There is an inch or more between your legs and your genitalia that are commonly waxed. The anus and anal crevice (the area between your butt cheeks) is also waxed. Why is this included in a Male Brazilian waxing? area? It is connected to your scrotum and perineal area. Many men and women have hair in this area. Removing hair in the anal crevice is not only convenient for easy clean up but feels smoother and more comfortable. Once you commit to waxing, you will have to stop shaving and trimming your genitalia or areas that you have waxed. To do so otherwise will interfere with the growth cycle of your hairs and you will not achieve the best results as many hairs will then grow back within days of your waxing treatment.

A professional esthetician who specializes in Male Brazilian Waxing will know what type of wax to use on every area of the genitalia. types of waxes used are strip wax: a warm liquid wax either made of tree resin or honey which is applied to the hairs and then removed using either a muslin or pellon sheet. The sheet is placed over the wax and quickly pulled to remove the hairs from the skin. There is also blue hard wax, which creates it’s own strip and pulled off manually. This wax is typically used in sensitive areas. Make sure the waxing area is clean. A professional esthetician should have a very clean and sterile environment for your protection. Each esthetician should know their mediums (waxes, supplies and implements used) They should have established their own techniques. They should be confident in in providing you with an excellent treatment. You should leave feeling well informed and given post waxing instructions. You should have little to no hairs left on your skin. Waxing will become easier and your hairs will become less resistive with each repeated treatment. There is nothing worse than a poorly done waxing service. Why should you have to go home and tweeze the remaining hairs yourself? What did you pay the establishment for if you have to groom yourself afterwards? Also, inexperienced estheticians who do not specialize in this treatment can easily harm your skin leaving you badly bruised or even tear the skin while removing the wax. Be sure you are seeing an experienced esthetician who does this procedure regularly.

You will be lying on a massage bed or treatment table… You will be asked to remove your clothing from the waist down. You may be draped until the procedure begins. You will be placed in different positions as it helps the esthetician remove the hairs properly and effectively. Your skin will be manipulated to apply and remove the wax. Modesty and embarrassment should be put aside. Much like medical treatments, you are being handled by a professional technician who has been trained to remove hair from the body. Consider that this esthetician is used to seeing the male body parts and is not affected by your nudity. This treatment is never a sexual treatment by any manner. The esthetician is focused on your skin and your hairs and they wear gloves for your protection.

Now the big questions are:

Does it hurt? Everyone has their own pain threshold. This is not a painless procedure as the hair follicles are attached to blood vessels and pain receptors. The sensation of hair being pulled is instant and subsides immediately. Have you ever accidentally got masking tape, duct tape or scotch tape on your arm hairs? Remember pulling it off our skin? It was painful in the moment and once removed, the pain went away. Waxing is the same. Your first time will be the most dramatic as you have no idea what the procedure entails and your anticipation will affect how you react to the treatment. Breathing deep and steady helps with the process and can lessen your anxiety. Once you’ve been waxed you will know what it involves for the next time. Each time it gets easier and less painful. The results are fantastic and many choose to continue with maintenance waxings every 4 to 6 weeks. Any pain associated... is worth it. There are creams and oils that provide healing and soothing for freshly waxed skin. Your esthetician will go over what they sell to help calm and soothe your skin. Your skin will be pink to slightly reddish, much like a sunburn. It may feel a bit dry and tight. This is what the soothing creams are for and should be applied often the first 3 days. Hair grow individually so you may discover hairs growing back quickly. These were hairs that were under the skin and your waxing treatment only addresses hairs that are above the skin. Waxing is best done on hairs that are over 1/4” in length (at your shortest hairs). Hairs start to grown back as soon as 2 to 3 weeks on the average.

Being clean prior to your waxing is very important. Germs can enter your bloodstream so be sure to wipe all areas clean prior to your service. Some establishments provide cleansing wipes for your convenience. Do not wear lotions or creams over your genitalia as wax will not adhere to anything but clean and dry skin.

The other big question asked frequently is: What happens if I get an erection? Please do not worry about the reaction your shaft/penis has during this procedure. A professional esthetician is taught that this particular male body part reacts to warmth and touch. This is not a sexual or a personal reaction and only an adrenal response to the manipulation and warm wax being applied during the procedure. The shaft may grow and it may stiffen. Then it may shrink and become limp. Every person has their own reaction and some have none. The shaft may also leak and there are times when accidents (such as ejaculation) can happen. The best way to prevent this, should you have any concerns, is to take care of matters prior to your service. There is no need to be embarrassed should it happen. We are trained technicians and will give you something to clean yourself up. An ejaculation should not happen every time you are waxed. This is considered inappropriate and will make your esthetician very uncomfortable.

I hope this helps you understand what is involved with a Male Brazilian Waxing. If you have any questions, please go to and review my website. I specialize in Male Brazilian Waxing and have been doing this in Seattle (West Seattle) out of my home since 2010. My clients are 80% male and I have regular clients that have been coming to me for years. I wrote this and other articles on my website to educate and inform potential clients to ease their concerns and perhaps answer their questions. My clients are happy with my services and I have many testimonials on my website. Every treatment is consistent and thorough. You will find me personable, friendly and detail oriented. Perhaps you will make that call, now that you better informed. If men could brag about their Male Brazilian waxing… there would be more men getting this done.

Now make that call and schedule your first appointment and enjoy the results.

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