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Ingrown Hairs and How to Prevent Them

Nothing is more frustrating or irritating than ingrown hairs. You want your skin to feel smooth but ingrown hairs are basically large pimples showing up on your skin. Just know that if you take the right approach towards healing them, they will subside and they will eventually fade away.

Shaving, waxing or trimming your body can result in ingrown hairs. These are follicles that get trapped below the skin’s layers rather than surfacing. The results can not only look unsightly but can become infected and painful to touch. If squeezed, picked at or scratched, it can create lesions and leave dark pigmented spots that take months or years to heal.

The easiest and most successful ways to deal with an ingrown is to not attack it from the outside. Most of the activity is deep within the layers of the skin so a process of home treatment is your best solution.

  • Using a product designed with transdermal delivery into the skin is one form of important treatment. A product such as PFB Vanish Ultra or Chromabright is made specific for ingrowns. You can read about it at They have developed formulations made to help heal and lighten the hyper pigmented lesions. Dark spots can start fading within weeks and the ingredients help to prevent new ingrown hairs and heal existing ingrown hairs that are red and inflamed.

  • Other home remedies can help as well. Using an exfoliant weekly, such as a salt scrub that comes in a jar and found at Trader Joe’s or your local health market, can help to break down the dead skin cell layer that prevents the follicle from breaking through the surface of the skin.

  • Applying a daily body lotion over your entire body will not only act to keep your skin young looking but will keep your skin hydrated regularly so hair follicles can break through the surface.

  • Using Epsom Salt, which contains magnesium sulfate used to relax the muscles, once or twice a week can also help to soften skin allowing the pores to relax and open up. Be sure to rinse well and apply lotion after your bath.

Simply Mia’s ( offers an ingrown hair treatment service. The treatment involves a salicylic cleansing, exfoliation with granular product, extraction of ingrown hairs using a lancet and tweezers, application of salicylic acid to help kill the bacteria and promote fast cell renewal so the areas heals more rapidly. Then a hydrating clay mask is applied to help clean up the pores and deliver healing ingredients. After removal of the mask, an appropriate lotion is applied. All products used are by Lira Clinical. If you are not in the Seattle area, then perhaps your local spa will offer such treatment, however, using the home care guidance tips above should help improve the problem drastically.

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