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Shaving seems easy enough, right? You just run a blade over your hairy areas and in a few minutes it’s nice and smooth. Now what happens right after that? Growth!!! Usually within a day you will have stubble and what was once smooth is now rough to touch… itchy and uncomfortable so you have to shave again. Ugh!

What about waxing? Well… no stubble. There is growth but it’s from deep inside the layers of the skin. Once the hair surfaces, it’s thin and light. It thickens with time but there is no itching, no having to shave again. You just wait until it’s grown over 1/4” and you get it waxed again. Usually within 6 to 8 weeks.

So… Any reason why you’re procrastinating? Stop the vicious shaving cycle… Wax it off!

Read about waxing on my website

Make an appointment today and stop shaving. Stay smoother longer!

Call: (206) 257-9938

All about waxing hair off the body

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