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A Gentleman’s Guide to Manscaping

Definition: man·scap·ing; ˈmanˌskāpiNG/; nouninformalhumorous noun: manscaping; noun: man-scaping

The removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic effect. Urban Talk: Manscaping: Removal of all the hair below the belt from the male genitalia.

Everyone’s talking about it. What is Manscaping?

Manscaping is the modern/urban term for the removal of body hair on men. The most popular service is the removal of all the hair from the genitalia. The hair is removed either entirely from the groin area, or just in preferred areas. man-with-towel-rsWhich Areas of the Body?

Standardly, hair removal comprises of the frontal pubic area/mound, about 2 inches of the upper thigh where it meets the pubic area, the lower shaft and partial way up if hairs are present, the complete scrotum and the gluteal cleft including the area around the anus. It is optional to leave a landing strip or triangle (patch of hair) above the shaft. Some choose to leave the hair around the pubic mound and just have it trimmed.

The Big Question…Should I Try It?

Many men (and the women in their lives) find the cleaner appearance of the genital area to be more desirable. This trend has become a central issue in men’s grooming, health and fashion. Once only a concern for bodybuilders, models and porn stars, manscaping is now a treatment every man should consider.

What are the Reasons?

Manscaping is done for many reasons. It will reduce chaffing for sports such as cycling, swimming, running, and martial arts. Additionally, it is desirable for dancing and performance arts. Other reasons can be personal and for pleasure. Putting it simply, removing hair from your genitalia can allow the area to better breathe and increase circulation of air, which is most comfortable.

How is the Hair Removed?

After preparation of your skin, your hairs will be removed by the root using a medium such as pine wax, hard wax, honey wax or sugaring and other materials. Application of such product is done by laying the hairs down flat and then quickly removed with a sudden pull using a cloth-like strip. The area is left free of hair and each section is done in increments. Creams or lotions are applied either during or after to hydrate the area and reduce inflammation. The pain is so minimal and only intense in the moment of pull. Pain reduces in intensity with each consecutive treatment – approximately six weeks apart. When hair is removed from the root, it will take two weeks to surface and will be ready for waxing again when those hairs are at ¼” in length. A skincare specialist has experience with how your skin will react to waxing in this area and will treat it accordingly and educate you during the process and recommend care for post-treatment.

What to Expect at the Service...

You can expect a clinical treatment with complete professionalism from start to finish. Gloves are worn through the entire process and everything has been thoroughly sterilized and sanitized. You will be comfortably lying on an aesthetic bed with a towel to drape yourself until the procedure starts.

Other Areas to Consider:

For many men, manscaping doesn’t stop in the genital area. The chest, arms, legs, back, shoulders, and underarms are all areas that can benefit from a smoother, more desirable appearance.

At Simply Mia’s you will find that her attention to detail is her specialty. Her engaging and warm personality will ease you into the process and she will make sure you are as comfortable as can be while talking to you through the process. You will be provided with the necessary information so you can best care for your skin after your treatment. Mia’s performs several Manscapings per week and her experience and professionalism has kept her clients returning time and time again. Please refer to the testimonials page at so you can read what other clients have said about their treatments and perhaps the section on Q & A For Men. Mia will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


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