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Why should I get a Male Brazilian waxing?

So you’ve been checking out several websites and researching all about the male brazilian waxing. You just can’t seem to decide whether it’s worth going through all that pain. You want to get it done but you fear it’s going to be too painful. You also fear you’re going to have an erection that would embarrass the hell out of you.

Buddy…you aren’t the only one out there who has had those fears, however, believe it or not… once you get your brazilian waxing, all your fears are put to rest.

First off, it’s just hair removal from your genitalia. Women have been doing it for years and if they can endure the pain… so can you. Imagine warm wax applied to your scrotum and then pulled off quickly to remove the hairs. Trust me, having an erection during that process will be the least of your concerns. Finding someone who knows what they’re doing should be your greatest concern.

Is it painful? Well, let’s just say, it isn’t without pain. Everyone has their

own pain threshold and the pain felt is only temporary when the wax is being pulled. The process is… wax on then wax off. The pain is felt only when the wax is pulled off and is temporary. It should never be so painful that you pass out or scream like a girl. If you do… you’re not with an experienced esthetician and you should excuse yourself and leave quickly.

Another fear is that it’s unmanly to get waxed in your genitalia. Let me guess… you’ve been shaving, right? So therefore, you are removing hair from your genitalia. Unfortunately, within a couple of days you’ve got the nubs and it’s starting to itch. Every time you nick yourself while shaving you are scaring your sensitive skin and creating lesions and scars that will never heal. They will thicken within time and become rough and unsightly. None of that when you wax the hairs off. Imagine soft skin, like a baby’s bottom for about 2 weeks. Even as the hairs surface, they are fine to touch and slowly thicken and lengthen until you get your brazilian maintenance at 4 to 6 weeks. Each time you do it, hairs become less resistive and you will find it’s much less painful too.

They key to all this though, is to find an experienced, licensed esthetician who does male brazilian waxing several times a week. She should specialize in male brazilian waxing. Just because she does women frequently does not mean she knows how to properly do it on the male genitalia. Be sure to ask when booking your appointment how many male brazilians they do on a weekly basis.

If you want to know more. Please visit my website at and check out all the information I have written on the subject. Be informed and be prepared. Hopefully you have a great first time experience. Once you know what’s it’s all about… make that call and get it done. Hopefully your first male brazilian waxing in will not be your last.

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