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Ditch the shaving and trimming

Waxing is a more effective way of removing hairs and the results last longer. Skin stays smooth and hair free for weeks. If you go to Mia's website at you will be able to read her pages on "all about waxing" and Q & A about waxing so you can be well informed about making the decision to contact her and book your first appointment. Don't hesitate any longer. Mia will ease your concerns when it comes to waxing. You will be invited to her home-based business into a private and fully equipped esthetic treatment room.

Many have found this experience much more comfortable than going into a shop or spa. Mia will educate you on the process and you will be given post-waxing instructions that will help keep your skin at its

best until your next appointment. Waxing is a commitment much like getting your hair cut. In order to achieve the best results it should be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks on average. Please consider this when budgeting for this treatment. Mia looks forward to hearing from you soon.


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