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Waxing lasts longer than shaving or trimming. Here's Why...

Shaving and trimming removes the hair at the top of your skin and waxing removes the hair by the root. It takes two weeks before a new follicle (hair) grows to the top of the skin. As it grows it is baby fine and thin until the 3rd or 4th week when it starts to become thick again as it try to grow back to full length.

This is why waxing maintenance is recommended. Pulling those hairs out again by waxing method while they are still thin and less resistive. Many men prefer to be waxed instead of shaving so their skin stays smoother and softer rather than when you shave or trim and develop stubble right away. Shaving and trimming can also

irritate the skin because of the abrasion to the surface of your skin. Much like shaving your face, a solution to calm the skin down should be applied. Waxing is wonderful because your skin is left bald but it can feel tight and dry. Mia recommends a cream she sells that you apply for the 3 days of healing post waxing. For more information about waxing, read Mia's page on About Waxing.

You too can become a Simply Mia’s client. Get on her books today by texting her when you are ready.


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