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Getting waxed is not as bad as you may think...

I get new waxing clients all the time. When you contact me, I will send you pre-waxing instructions and you will probably take some pain reliever so you will be more comfortable during the procedure. The first thing I do when you visit with me is to introduce myself and we go over any health issues, allergies, and medications. Then I will educate you on the process and go over the post-waxing instructions that I give to you to take home, so you will have written instructions on how best to care for your newly waxed skin. Once we are in my treatment room, I will guide and instruct you through the process. You may be placed in certain positions that will allow me better access to areas to wax hairs off your body. I am very good and easing your concerns and answering any questions you may have.

Waxing is not as bad as you may think. If it were... people would not return for maintenance to get it done every few weeks. It is a grooming treatment that many men and women enjoy getting so they are left soft, smooth, and hair free for weeks. Please visit my website menu of services for more information and details about waxing. l look forward to having you become a Simply Mia's client

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