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What's the difference between waxing and shaving or trimming

Why is waxing different from shaving or trimming? Shaving and trimming removes the hairs at the surface of the skin and grows back as stubble very quickly. This routine can be very uncomfortable and tedious to deal with regularly. Waxing solves that by removing the hair from the root, way below the skin layers and takes up to 2 weeks before it surfaces and grows back as a tiny fine hair and as a result skin stays smoother and softer much longer. You basically never feel that stubby growth you experienced before. It’s a process that many men have adopted in lieu of shaving or trimming and they are so much happier for it. All they do is see Mia at Simply Mia’s and get the treatment every 4 to 6 weeks on maintenance and go on their way. Imagine having someone do that for you so you don't have to anymore. Yes it’s that simple. Now you may have some questions and nervousness regarding the procedure and Mia has all the answers on this website. Simply visit the Q & A page about Male Brazilian Waxing.

Mia is the author and creator of her website. Everything written is in her own words. She wants you to know that She has been waxing since 2006 and your skin is her prime concern as a skincare professional. Mia is also an artist in her technique and specializes in Male Brazilian waxing. You can’t go wrong getting your first Brazilian with Mia. See you soon


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