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Dude! Male Waxing is In...

Waxing is something that guys have had trouble feeling comfortable with, and it’s time that stops. Male waxing is a great way for guys to get rid of unwanted or uncomfortable hair while achieving smooth skin for hygiene and pleasure.

Having unwanted hair removed is not something men should feel uncomfortable about, since it’s totally normal. Any dude can benefit from smooth, hairless skin.

In fact, more and more guys are getting male waxing treatments all the time. Actors and celebrities have been doing it for years, and several of your friends probably have too. It’s not weird, gross, or wrong of you to want to get rid of some hair. And if you can get past the embarrassment factor, don’t be afraid of the pain. It’s nowhere near as bad as Steve Carrell’s experience in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” (it can be uncomfortable at first, a brief pain that quickly subsides). A professional esthetician would never cause you extreme pain or skin damage.

Here at Simply Mia’s, a guy should be able to feel clean, confident, and comfortable in his own skin. There’s no reason to apologize for the amount of hair you’ve got, because as an experienced esthetician, I’ve seen all kinds of hair and have waxed it. Your waxing treatments at Simply Mia’s will be completely professional and not at all judged. It’s my integrity and the standard of work I hold to, completely. As a licensed technician, I hold a client confidentiality so nobody will ever know except you and me.

I feel what sets my waxing studio apart from other salons is that my hair removal services are done by appointment only, in a professional spa within my home, so you won’t run the risk of running into someone you know while waiting in the reception lounge.

I wish every man the confidence to get the hair removal treatments he wants. I offer a private, comfortable option for those gentlemen who prefer not to advertise their hygiene or skincare treatments.

When you’re ready to bite the bullet and finally get that hair waxed off, please don’t hesitate to contact Simply Mia’s. I can guarantee a private, professional, and experienced environment to get the job done without making you feel embarrassed.

Male Brazilian Waxing is more popular today... Don't be left behind
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