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Relieving the 3 Biggest Fears Men Have About Male Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing is on its way to becoming as popular for men as it has been for women since the 80’s. Like women, men are opting to be waxed to enjoy the benefit of smoother skin that lasts longer than shaving. Remember that when in doubt, waxing can be looked at as an experiment. If you hate it, it is as simple as letting the hair grow back again.

It is always a good idea to go to a licensed and experienced esthetician for your waxing services, especially one who has been doing male Brazilians regularly if this will be your first time. An esthetician is a skincare specialist with 600+ hours of training in the anatomy of the skin who knows how your skin will react to waxing and will treat it accordingly. An experienced waxer who has been doing male Brazilian waxes will make the experience more comfortable and safer for you, due to their expertise with the area and procedure. Choosing a good esthetician helps diffuse any anxieties.

Many men share common fears and reservations about Brazilian waxing, which ultimately prevent them from taking the plunge. After reading this, one might feel differently.

1. I HEAR IT’S PAINFUL… For most men, the first waxing experience isn’t as painful as expected. While not exactly labeled “pleasant”, the pain factor is certainly overstated. Have you ever used duct tape and had it stick to your arm hairs? You probably ripped it off really quickly, and the pain subsided pretty fast. This would be somewhat equivalent to the pain you would receive the first time. Each time you return to have a treatment, your hairs become less resistant and more desensitized, therefore giving you a more comfortable experience with less pain. For added comfort, many choose to take an over-the-counter pain reliever about 30 minutes prior to a treatment. Note that it is not advised to take aspirin, as that medication thins the blood.

2. ONLY WOMEN GET BRAZILIANS… Only now are men becoming more and more aware that a Brazilian wax is not strictly for women. They are discovering that having a hair-free and smooth surface on their private areas is a sensation and experience that they truly enjoy. Additionally, the results of having thinner and finer hairs beats stubble from shaving any day! Men choose to have this treatment for many reasons, including to reduce chafing while cycling, swimming, running, dancing, and participating in performance arts or martial arts. Other reasons can be personal and for pleasure. For those who may sweat excessively, removing hair from the genitalia can allow the area to breathe better and increase circulation of air.

3. I’M EMBARRASSED ABOUT POSSIBLY HUMILIATING SIDE EFFECTS… The male genitalia has a normal adrenal response due to the warmth of the wax and manipulation during the service. Such treatment may result in a “growth” response from your body. Your esthetician is professionally trained to understand that this is not a personally sexual response toward them, but just a normal physical response to the treatment itself. This is one of the more common concerns and fears about male Brazilian waxing.

You do not need to be embarrassed or afraid if this response occurs. Keeping things loose could largely diffuse any perceived tension or fears: e.g. talk, make jokes, and do your best to keep the mind focused on other things. The esthetician is experienced and a professional. A successful esthetician may do several male Brazilians per week and they are used to the responses during the procedure. These clients have learned that this is not an issue and that the response actually aids with the application and removal of wax. The entire procedure is strictly clinical and gloves are worn through the entire process. All equipment and tools are sanitized under a UV light (which kills bacteria) and soaked in Barbicide (which kills bacteria) for every client’s protection.

Why choose Simply Mia’s for your Brazilian wax?

Mia is very reputable and has over seven years of experience in the industry. Waxing and facials have become her specialty. She took on male Brazilian waxing in 2010 and it has become a success. Her technique and attention to detail have her clients returning again and again. Mia’s goal is to provide a professional and thorough service each and every time. Some of her male clients have been with her since 2010.

Her goal is to provide her clients with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Her esthetics room is comfortable, private, sanitary and fully equipped. You will be greeted and attended to immediately by Mia every time. There are no reception lines, and there is plenty of convenient parking on the street.

The service will never be rushed, as all appointments are booked to take as much time as needed. Rest assured, you will find Mia to be very engaging and personable. She is there to educate you in the process and to make sure your skin is doing well throughout the entire service. She will provide you with the necessary information for post care as well, so that your skin will feel at its best until the next treatment.

Please read the Q&A about Male Brazilians on Mia’s website at to help enlighten you about the treatment in general, as well as to answer any questions you may have.

Put your fears to rest of a male brazilian waxing by reading this blog
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