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Is Waxing A Painful Experience?

This truly depends on your pain threshold. Any pain felt is temporary and some feel it more than others. It is a momentary pain when the hair is pulled but subsides right after. When the hairs are pulled, the pain is quick, temporary and generally does not linger. Estheticians are not medical doctors so we cannot recommend taking anything but most people will take their favorite pain reliever. It is advised not to take aspirin as it thins the blood.

A brazilian can be done for many reasons to reduce chaffing for sports such as cycling, swimming, running, dancing, performance arts, martial arts, art posing, etc. Other reasons can be personal and for pleasure. Perhaps you sweat excessively and removing hair from your genitalia can allow the area to better breathe and increase circulation of air. Whatever your reason, it doesn’t matter. The choice and sensation after a brazilian is very individual.

Can you be assured you are getting a professional service at Simply Mia’s?

Waxing is more common for women than for men but more and more men are wanting to get brazilian waxing too. Simply Mia’s offers a private location free of wait lines or waiting rooms at a local spa. The estheticis room is fully equipped. All equipment and tools are cleaned then sanitized. All tools are also sanitized under a UV light (which kills bacteria) for your protection and under WA safety, sterile and sanitation guidelines.

You can be assured you are receiving a professional and experienced service. The treatment is very clinical. Simply Mia’s business licenses are displayed in the treatment room. All measures are taken to insure your comfort and concerns are addressed.

Please read the testimonials page on Simply Mia’s website. Discover what other’s have commented on about their experience and any pain felt. Men and Women opt to get brazilian waxings and other areas of their bodies waxed on a regular basis. The skin becomes less and less resistive to it each time, which makes it more tolerable. Book your appointment today and discover the smooth and long lasting benefits of waxing.

Information regarding the pain involved with a male brazilian waxing
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