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How do I become better groomed?

Your definition of being groomed may be different from someone else. For someone it's as simple as shaving, showering and going about your day. For others it's more complex, such as seeing an esthetician to have hair removal from particular areas of the body such as nose, ears and eyebrow waxing to having certain areas of the body waxed or even a full body waxing. Grooming may be a one time thing or a monthly maintenance. When you take the time to groom yourself, it shows. It enhances your appearance. Grooming can be an important part of the overall appearance you portray for both business and for pleasure. Being groomed can help with your self esteem.

Whom shall you see to get groomed? Your choices are simple. You see a nail salon with licensed nail techs to do your manicure and pedicure. You see your massage therapist for relaxation or deep tissue massaging. You see your cosmetologist (hair dresser) for taking care of the hair on your head. An esthetician is who you'll see if you want to get a facial or for hair removal using waxing/sugaring. The medium used... sugar or waxing using resins or honey are the estheticians choice, however, the results are the same. Hairs are pulled by the root and do not surface for a couple of weeks. Esthetician are primarily skincare specialists that are taught about the biology and anatomy of the skin. They are also taught about products and ingredients that are used for skincare. They also have some training in make up and certain esthetician go into the medical field with a master's license so they can work alongside dermatologists performing laser treatments on patients.

If you care to know know more about waxing or facials,

Being well groomed can make moments like this less intimidating.

contact Mia today and she'll be happy to consult you on the process.


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