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Attention Gentlemen!!! Waxing Isn’t Just For Women Anymore…

Waxing has been done for centuries (primarily by women) as a preferred method of hair removal. Especially since the 1980s, Brazilian waxing has been popular – the process of waxing hair away from the genital areas. But waxing of all kinds and areas of the body is not just for women. Here at Simply Mia’s we want men to know that Brazilian waxes and waxing in general isn’t a service limited to the ladies. Men of all shapes and sizes deserve to know that waxing is a great benefit to their hygiene and skincare.

Waxing isn’t as uncommon of a service for men as it used to be. Many men these days like being hairless in areas that they naturally grow hair – their back or chest, for instance. Brazilian waxing for men has become more popular of late as well, since some men and/or their spouse or partner prefer smooth skin in their genital area.

The Pain Isn’t That Bad… Really, it’s not. Have you ever ripped off a Band-Aid or had duct tape stuck on your skin, only to rip it off quickly? That’s about the extent of the pain level. All precautions are taken into consideration during your waxing for the well being of your skin and your comfort. Because your esthetician is an expert, you can be assured that your treatment will be a safe and clinical service. You will be given instructions on how best to post treat your freshly waxed areas. If the ladies can handle it, so can you!

There is no need to stress about your treatment. You may be coming in to have your unwanted hairs removed, and sure, that process causes a bit of anxiety, knowing the unknown… however, the majority of Mia’s first time clients leave feeling very relaxed and relieved after their first brazilian. The nice thing about coming to Simply Mia’s is that you can avoid the women-focused waxing salons where most men experience embarrassment or awkwardness because of the female-centric atmosphere. At Simply Mia’s however, your services comes without judgment and in the comfortable, relaxed setting of Mia’s own home. It’s a clean, welcoming space where you won’t have to wait for your treatment or experience awkward glances from other customers or receptionists.

We believe that waxing isn’t just for the ladies. Men can experience the clean, smooth skin produced from waxing treatments here at Simply Mia’s, with a comfortable, professional treatment and atmosphere. Book your appointment today for a Seattle's Best Male Waxing service.

All you need to know about your first male brazilian waxing
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