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I need help with my grooming.

Today, more than ever, most people are doing whatever they can to look their best. Whether it's for work or for personal reasons, being well groomed presents an appearance that one takes pride in their appearance. Grooming in its entirety is multi-faceted from head to toe. It is a routine process that requires maintenance. Simply put... if you don't floss or brush your teeth you risk rotting teeth and bad breath. If you didn't cut your hair, it would continue to grow and grow and grow... I could go on but I think you get the gist of this.

Estheticians are taught to provide education and services that relate to grooming, such as skincare and hair removal. Some Estheticians provide other services such as makeup application, microblading and other modalities. They may work in spas or for medical establishments running laser machines and some may work on the artistic end providing makeup for theatrical or personal enhancements.

All in all, estheticians work on the esthetics of the human skin. Estheticians are not massage therapists, cosmetologists or nail technicians. There are other licenses for those practices and certainly pertain to self grooming as well. Some application of product massage of the face, upper shoulders, upper back, arms and hands are commonly given with most facials. Facials involve a deep cleansing of the skin and applications of products that help to address whatever skin type you have (dry, mature, oily, congested, red, rosacea, etc...)

Hair removal involves a medium such as wax or sugar to remove the hairs by the root. Tweezing hairs has the same effect. That hair removed by the root must regenerate from scratch and develop thin and soft until it reaches the surface and emerges. It takes generally two weeks before it reaches the surface and breaks through the top skin layer. Typically, waxing/sugaring must be done every 4 to 6 weeks to achieve the best maintenance results that leave your skin smooth and hair free for weeks. Shaving, trimming and using a hair removal gel or other store bought product such as Nair will only address the hair at the surface of the skin so hairs grow back with a blunt cut and you will experience a nubby feel as it grows back. This must be done often (every few days to once a week) in order to achieve smooth results. Estheticians were taught that men should never get their beard or head waxed. They can get their eyebrows and forehead waxed but anything in the beard or scalp area would be extremely painful and perhaps can cause scarring as those hairs are very thick and deeply rooted, more so than any other areas of your body.

Grooming the face can have very pleasing results. Brows can be waxed and groomed to appear less thick. Those hairs between the brows can be removed so more emphasis can be drawn to your eyes. Men may have hairs that overgrow in their nose and ears. It is not that painful and removing those unruly hairs with wax has longer benefits than using your trimming tools.

Waxing the male body such as a full back wax and trimming the chest and tummy can give a more groomed look. Some people choose to do brazilian waxing to remove hairs off their genitalia. This again can be groomed by leaving the frontal pelvic area alone and just getting that trimmed instead. Some estheticians, who have been doing this procedure for years are considered specialists and know how to groom the areas to look aesthetically pleasing.

Getting a facial can help teach out your skin. You have a skin type and seeing an esthetician who can determine what skin type you have and how to help maintain or improve on your skin is a true benefit. Getting regular facials will help clean and improve the appearance of your skin. Your esthetician will recommend products that are designed for your skin type. Daily application of these products will further help and improve the appearance of your skin.

Whatever your reasons, a licensed professional esthetician is the person who can address your needs from face to toe. Simply Mia's offers services for both men and women. Mia prides herself on 9 years of continued practice out of her home on the north end of West Seattle. Contact Mia and consult with her about your questions regarding facials or waxings.

Book your appointment today.

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