What Products Should I use on my Face?

Knowing what products to buy for your skin type can be difficult. It can be confusing and frustrating, especially if you start using the products and discover your skin has become irritated and perhaps is worse than it was before. One can spend hundreds of dollars on the wrong products.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and many factors can effect your skin. The skin is composed of many layers and it takes approximately 30 days for fresh cells to reach the surface where it dies and sloughs off. It actually takes approximately 30 days for your skin to become used to a new product too, however, products that cause immediate irritation may not be a good fit for your skin. If cells are compromised due to excessive dryness, auto immune disorder, teenage or adult acne, it can be hard to know what works and what doesn’t. Some ingredients can even aggravate the condition resulting in more lesions, redness and irritation.

The best solution to knowing what best works for your skin type is to get a skin analysis done by either a dermatologist or an esthetician who has had training in both the anatomy and biology of the skin along with product knowledge. This way, they can best determine what products would help make the changes required to balance, heal and hydrate your skin.

Factors such as environmental: air conditioners, heaters, fans, cold, heat, sun, wind, allergies… can wreck havoc on your skin’s appearance. Dry chapped skin is a sign of dehydration at the deepest levels.

Other factors includes diet: fats, grease, dairy, wheat (glutens) and sugars can cause breakouts and lesions on the skin. Congestion with blackheads and whiteheads or milia is a good sign that your skin is in jeopardy. This can also affect your follicles in the scalp too.

Medications: Unfortunately some people require medications that can cause skin problems such as dryness or even the development of rosacea as some medications can thin the skin causing blood vessels to dilate on the surface resulting in redness, irritation and lesions. Check with your doctor if this is happening as you may well get a referral to the dermatologist who can address those related issues with you.

A common factor is stress. Stress causes excess acids to build up not only in your gut but every cell in your body and effects the sebum that is excreted from your pores. When this imbalance happens, your skin becomes congested with lesions and pore size can be affected too.

Hormones is another factor that compromises the skin. Menopause can cause premature aging and dryness. It is common for teenagers to develop imbalance in the sebaceous glands, resulting in too much oil production, which can cause acne and congestion. Hereditary traits also play a role in how your skin can develop during your life time.

Having healthy skin is possible but taking good care of your health in so many ways is important. A good diet consisting of good proteins, lots of vegetables and fresh fruits along with regular exercise to help reduce stress. Meditation can help too… taking time to calm and relax yourself. Learning skills to deal with triggers so they do not become chronic conflict and drama. An emotional rollercoaster lifestyle is not healthy for one’s mind or body.

The best way to address your skin problems is to get a customized facial done by an experienced esthetician. During the facial, they will analyze your skin under a magnification lamp, which will help them to know which facial and products would best work on your skin. Products will be used to promote change within the deepest layers of the skin and you’ll be educated on how best to nourish your skin on a daily basis.

Here at Simply Mia’s you will get such a treatment from beginning to end. You will leave understanding what is needed to promote changes in your skin. Purchasing the right products and gaining the knowledge so you can work on your skin at home will be a good start. Implementing active changes to your lifestyle will help to balance your skin type. Make your appointment for a facial at Simply Mia’s in Seattle and let Mia help you learn about your skin today.

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