Do Men get Facials too?

Men are discovering the benefits of getting facials too. The skin is the largest organ on our body. It protects us by covering our entire body and protecting the important systems that lie beneath it’s surface. When the body is experiencing heat, fatigue, stress or illness… The skin will reflect what’s going on inside with reactions on the outside. Such reactions show up as severe dry, flaky skin or oily and greasy skin. Lesions can appear in many forms, such as pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. Sometimes cysts and comedones will develop, which are very large and painful lesions under the skin. Redness can develop from rosacea or severe dryness. Skin reacts to it’s environment both internal and external. The foods we eat and drink, supplement or medications we may take. It also reacts to our mental state such as anxieties and stress.

A facial is one way to learn how to care for your skin type. A good skincare specialist or esthetician will ask questions regarding your current skincare program and perhaps about your diet and medications. They will perform a skin analysis and inform you of the condition of your skin. They will make suggestions for a good skincare regimen so you can help heal or enhance the looks of your skin on a daily basis.

A facial is normally customized for the individual once a skin analysis has been performed. It will normally consist of cleansing, exfoliating (mildly removing dead skin cells off the surface of your skin) extractions (squeezing on certain pores to remove debris) Then usually a mild facial massage and an appropriate mask will be applied and left on the skin for a few minutes. To finish the facial the appropriate lotions will be applied including any serums, which are active additional products used under a moisturizer to target changes in your skin. Sometimes a chemical peel may be required during a facial to further enhance the treatment by either helping to clear up and heal acne lesions or to hydrate and plump the skin to retain more moisture. Regular facials revitalize and rejuvenate the skin allowing your products to penetrate better. This can reduce the effects of fine lines, wrinkles and promote a healthier appearance. Your esthetician will determine which products would be most beneficial for your skin.

Most people who do regular facials work this into their schedule every month or 6 weeks and consider it part of their grooming routine.

Start yourself on a road to healthier skin and book your appointment for a facial today.

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