Repair Sun Damage with an Effective Chemical Facial Peel…

Late fall is the ideal time to give your face a little TLC and start to reverse the sun damage you may have developed over the summer. Whether you found yourself in our gorgeous Seattle sunshine or on your recent tropical vacation, your skin has undoubtedly paid the price. No worries! Lighten up that discoloration and hyperpigmentation (sun and age spots) with a deep exfoliating facial peel.

Why consider a peel?

Reversing summer’s sun damage should be high up on your list of skincare priorities this time of year. Your skin is in slow recovery mode after its exposure to intense sun, but thankfully there’s a way to speed the process up ten-fold by removing dead skin cells that have built up and even out your skin-tone with either a chemical or fruit based peel.

Remember that youthful, glowing skin you had as a kid? Well, that’s because your skin was “peeling” (or renewing) itself more regularly, healthy cells developed faster all on their own. When you’re older, though, the desmosomes between your skin cells get very sticky and do not allow your dead skin cells to slough off like they did when you were a kid. A peel helps to get deep into the skin, removing dead skin cells, evening out skin tone and also jump start that cell renewal rate, allowing health cells to develop.

What is a peel and what does it do?

Chemical peels are, simply, just what they sound like: chemicals that, when applied to your skin, cause peeling. Depending on your skin color and type, chemical peels are designed to give your skin a “do-over”. Though the concentration used depends on the extent of the damage, as well as how much downtime you’re willing to accept, glycolic acid is especially effective. Superficial peels are generally recommended in a series of at least six.

What are the benefits?

A chemical peel causes rapid exfoliation, eliminating the outer layer of dull and damaged skin. Not only will this reveal new beautiful skin, but also allows for products you apply to your skin to penetrate more effectively since they no longer need to fight their way through the barrier of damaged skin cells. After the peeling is complete, your skin will immediately look more radiant and healthy, not to mention how much smoother it will feel. Your skin will be brighter and more even toned.

At Simply Mia’s, you will receive a customized skincare recommendation based upon a thorough evaluation of your skin. There are several types of peels and Mia will find the one best suited for you!

Chemical Peels can reduce the damage caused by the sun and so much more
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