Facials for Men and the Benefits

Men could benefit from facials too. Contact Mia at Simply Mia's, Seattle

Facials have gained a reputation as being only for women. Men can benefit from facials just as much as women. More men are now enjoying the wonderful, reviving benefits that male spa services provide.  Getting a facial treatment, along with education and good products can help you achieve healthier looking skin. Having a professional facial done routinely will leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed and younger looking. While men and women have many similar needs for facials—like preventing wrinkles, removing blackheads, and other skin impurities, these can all be addressed during your facials.  A man's skin undergoes different kinds of stresses than a woman’s, the biggest one, of course is daily shaving which can leave skin feeling bumpy, irritated and dry.  Many men do not moisturize their face or use SPF, which results in faster aging (wrinkles), Sun and age spots on the skin and enlarged, clogged pores.  All these things can be improved upon with routine facials and your own customized skincare regimen. 

Wrinkles: Most everybody wants to look younger. With so many muscles working in our faces as we express ourselves, converse, and squint in sunlight, wrinkles start to appear even in our 20′s. While wrinkling is a natural part of the aging process, proper skin care, which includes facials, can alter the usual and sometimes harsh aging the body will undergo. Getting a proper men's facials and products can ease the wrinkling process.


Impurities: Facials can remove impurities and cleanse pores, making your skin look and feel healthier.


Shaving: This is the big one for men. No matter how good your razor, regular shaving is going to produce some amount of irritation on your skin. There’s simply no way around it. Getting a facial that addresses this issue can make your skin feel incredible!  Wash your blades often in alcohol.  Replace blades often to prevent infection from built up bacteria.


Simply Mia’s facials are usually one to two hours long depending on which facial you have chosen.  After being greeted at the front door. Mia will escort you inside where you will fill out your intake forms. She will ask you questions relating to your present skin care products and routines and address any concerns you may have about your skin and what you would like to accomplish with your facial. After a short initial consultation, Mia will escort you to the treatment room where you will disrobe and get into the massage bed between sheets face up. she'll look at your skin under the diopter (a large magnification lamp) which will help her determine what condition your skin is in. After she has analyzed your skin, she'll start cleansing with the appropriate cleanser.  She will explain her goal for your skin that day and what procedures she may use. She may also recommend adding a chemical peel to your facial or a different type of facial that would benefit your skin. Mia most likely will ask you questions as to your lifestyle, nutrition and home-care routine, which would lead to a better skin diagnosis with a customized treatment plan.


Exfoliation:   This is the deeper cleansing stage, where a facial exfoliation is performed to remove the dead skin cells, to achieve a more radiant look and for the following products to penetrate even more. Hot Towel Heat on the skin will help to soften to pores, so that it will be easier for the removal of blackheads. Blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples will be extracted.  This is the uncomfortable part of a facial but necessary to clean out the pores.  A trained skin therapist will remove the blackheads correctly without scarring or damaging the skin. Note: an appropriate product and a regular facial routine can help minimize congestion in the skin.


Massage:  This is the best part of the facial for most and it is this stage of male spa services which makes a huge difference between a ‘home’ facial and a facial performed by a skin therapist. Massage helps to stimulate the muscles, releasing toxins and tightening the skin. Different types of massage exist to treat different skin conditions – a lymphatic drainage can be performed on sensitive or acneic skin, while a more invigorating facial is usually chosen for mature skin. Estheticians are not massage therapists so they do not treat muscle related disorders or do deep tissue, however, they are trained in relaxing the muscles and tissues surrounding the face, shoulders and neck. Mia was trained in 50 different European massage moves for the face, shoulders, neck, upper back and scalp. Depending on which facial you choose at Simply Mia's,  you will enjoy massage movements that promote relaxation and deliver product into your skin. Hot towels will be placed on your face to remove any oils to prepare for the mask.


Mask:  The appropriate mask is chosen usually according to the outcome of your skin analysis. The correct mask chosen for your skin will address any issues ranging from healing to hydration. A mask generally stays on for about 20 to 30 minutes. During the first 10 minutes a hand, arm & shoulder massage will be done to further relax you and then you will be left alone for about 15 minutes to unwind and listen to the music.  You may even find that you take a quick nap. 


Finishing products:  Mia will remove your mask with hot towels and then put on the appropriate skincare products for your skin type. She will apply the appropriate serum and moisturizer,  eye cream and sunscreen if it's still daylight.  This will end your treatment portion. Mia will leave the room and meet you outside where she will recommend products.  She will prescribe a good skincare regimen.  


It is recommended that you consider having a facial a minimum of once a month.  Don't hesitate.  Contact Mia and get your first Men's facial booked.  You will leave feeling cleaner and softer skin.